Never Smile (A Love Story)

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Sammie never smiled; not once since the day he was born did he smile. He was born into a loving family with one brother and one sister and wanted for nothing; people could never understand the boy’s lack of joy, or why he would never smile.

As Sammie grew up nothing had changed until one day, he met Serena. Serena was a few years younger that Sammie and was the most beautiful of young girls. Serena smiled at everything, never letting the fact she was blind dampen the flame she carried in her heart.

Sammie and Serena were inseparable, spending every day together, they were best friends. Serena often asked Sammie about the world, asking what things looked like. Being blind from birth it was often difficult for Sammie to explain what things looked like, often he would give the objects to her so she could feel what certain things were or describe them to her as best he could.

Of course, nature took its course and Sammie began to have heartfelt feelings for Serena, he could never understand what this new warmth he felt for his friend was, he only knew he always wanted to be close to her all the time, and so they spent their days together as much as they could.

Sammie was always curious what it was like to not be able to see, and he had often asked Serena that very question, but Serena couldn’t explain it to him as she had never had sight and couldn’t put it in terms Sammie could understand.

The years went by, and Sammie decided it was time to take a bride and he could think of no one he wanted to marry more than Serena. Serena’s family was overjoyed when they hear the news, and Sammie’s family also agreed to the young man’s decision.

The wedding was to be held at sunrise on one of Sammie’s and Serena’s favourite sites that overlooked the ocean, a place they had spent many memorable days together, so the date was set and invitations sent.

The morning of the special day arrived, and guests began to gather beside the ocean, the morning was clear and warm. Serena wore the most beautiful gown that lowed gracefully behind her as her father walked her towards the rising sun. All was silent as Sammie and Serena exchanged their vows just as the sun swept across the horizon.

“Serena, I promise to love you all the days of my life, for all the things you have taught me, and for the love you have shown me. I promise I will always love you.”

“Sammie, I promise to love you all the days of my life, for all the things you have taught me, especially what love is,” Serena took Sammie’s hand and pressed it to her heart.
“I love you and this is what it feels like,”

For the first time in his life Sammie understood, and could not stop the smile and the tears that rose from his heart to has face. Sammie’s parents gasped in disbelief. From that day forward no one smiled more, nor was more filled with joy. than Sammie.


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