Ode To Autumn

Dear Autumn, so long gone
Of cooling breezes and starlit dawn
The soft crunch of leaves underfoot
Too many colours to be understood

Summer, you have been very kind
But I feel the days start to unwind
Cooler nights and tardy dawns
Longer shadows across the lawn

Dear Autumn we are ready for you
With all the beauty you will bring
Crisp clean air to clear the haze
After long and hot summers days

Stoic Poetry

Said Softly

Let loud words remain silent,
don’t make them scream at me.
Float them on undisturbed water,
that I can pick and choose

Leave the pieces that I may hear,
alone in the roaring ocean.
Speak softly to yourself,
as beauty resides in silence

Stoic Poetry

A Few Words

I am not a man of many words,
Of flourish and aplomb,
I do not fill the pages up,
Before I say I am done

A simple idea needs a simple verse,
And so I keep it short
Expressing as clearly as I can,
More words are my last resort

Once thoughts have been told,
I put away my pen,
Until another inspiration comes,
I will not write again

Stoic Poetry


In the dawns breaking light,
rain whispers of gentle falling.
Dark night quickly retreating
In the half-light of day you say,
soon it may be bright

Subdued calls hint at the sun
to warm this day so dreary.
Upon the land flowers rejoice
with raucous colours,
until the silence is done

Stoic Poetry


How simple life can be
How much we have
How little we need

Yet we want much more
Food clothing and shelter
We hoard and we store

Rarely sharing with others
Cheating and stealing
From sisters and brothers

Stoic Poetry


Optimistic from the first moment
Life is an endless adventure ahead of us
Destiny determined by free will

Dreams drifting into open timeless places
We play, only here in this moment
Memories live forever untainted

Eternity is ours and will always remain
Infinity fits nicely in a life not yet finite
Enjoying the perfect eternal moment

Stoic Poetry

The Keeper

On the land, silence wallows.
Bid goodnight where I stand,
peace will reign for a while,
till another day is at hand

And I am not the keeper
of no one, but this myself.
Where is the burden of guilt?
doing for others than yourself?

Much too righteous to sully,
staying above the fray
while other fall for others.
Listen not to the words they say.

Stoic Poetry

A Little Piece

Won’t you share a little piece
The one that always cares
Even when no one is around
The part that shares
The one that dares

I love how you always seem
To be always ready to forgive
With your heart on your sleeve
The one you willingly give
Trying to show us how to live

And I will give a piece to myself
The one that’s always true
My most precious possession
The piece that you can see through
The one that belongs only to you

Stoic Poetry