(Just so you know I am not always Doom & Gloom)

Sunlight on gossamer wings
unfurled in iridescent glory
translucent lace reflections sing
script a simple story

Cool breeze sing a rapturous song
embued with joy and grace
alight before the day is gone
your beauty to embrace

Stoic Poetry


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Elemental (The Fifth Element)

All that has gone before
Is all that will ever be
Life, the spark, intervention
Never understanding the, “more,”

If one element is missing 
We never were, could not be
The fifth, the unknown, hidden
The Grail searched, forgotten

I am here, why? Why bother
But I do know, not by chance
I feel it, creations story, life
I give thanks to my Father

No matter who he may be.

Stoic Poetry

Elemental (Water)

As the fire fades, clarity surprises
The past examined, painfully
For what useful purpose?
Extinguished, only steam rises

Amends attempted, never given
A life of regret, a bitter commodity
Never convincing, nor sold
The growing want of being forgiven

Some remain, to still pierce
They try to explain the futility
Try to show a path out of this
But the fire smoulders still

The earth calls, wind grows scarce

Stoic Poetry

Elemental (Fire)

The passion burns, flaming
Seeking pleasure without limits
More, more, of everything
Never considering the cost
Wanting to win, without shame

On the rise there are no limits
I will take what I can get, more
Falling is never a consideration
Upward upon the wrong path
At any cost thinking it infinite

Stoic Poetry

Elemental (Wind)

A first breath taken
And I am here again
Arisen with a primal scream
Not yet knowing what it means
As I am born in pain

But I will discover the truth
This time, maybe
I will bide my time here
Watch, wait, and learn
If I must live to be eighty

As long as I have breath
I will search this life
Seeking to understand
In a world of turmoil
Destitution and mortal strife

Stoic Poetry

Elemental (Earth)

From whence I came
And to which I will return
Limitless potential
Given this living light
Which continues to burn

This alone is the gift
What is chosen is for me
Greed, avarice, anger, love
Free to choose for a time
Gifts for many refusing to see

Stoic Poetry

Helping Hand

If you are tired and alone
And can’t go on
Take my helping hand
I will always carry you along

I can see the damage
In that cold dark place
Look deep into my eyes
I will help carry that baggage

There is no need to hide
I am here beside you
When your shoes wear out
Upon my back you may ride

You are not so broken
That dank dark road
You now find yourself upon
Is not so long and unbroken

If you are tired and alone
And can’t go on
Take my helping hand
I will always carry you along

Stoic Poetry


In smiles lost along the way
there is sadness
of joy once known 
almost remembered today

Shining brilliant in that moment 
only then to fade
saved for a rainy day
moth eaten tatters to lament

Threadbare memories of a past
beyond patching
a twinge of regret
with nothing meant to last

Stoic Poetry