Stoic Open Door

A second of infinite sorrow
Always a choice at a fair price
A door awaits beyond the morrow
To wash clean the endless pain

Knowing; choices; so many
Till now never truly seeing 
It could only ever lead to this
A final one word manifesto
The opus of a life lived well

Did all before this matter?
From here it never did
Born out of every moment
And this moment is simply this.

Stoic Poetry

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A Road Rarely Travelled

We all have our paths,
some to success, to life,
but there is a dark road,
very few dare to tread.
It is full of darkness and fear,
full of broken dreams,
and hatred, beyond dark.
There is real courage here.

St. John trod this lonely path,
an unknown author wrote,
The Cloud of Unknowing.
A place where you must face,
all your past digressions,
and the prize is a step,
into the abyss, in faith.

If one survives he loses,
himself, and the world,
to a pure view.
Do you dare?

Stoic Poetry

No Point

There is no point to make,
there never was one at all.
Just letters tumbling, “scrabbled,
to be rearranged to suit one and all.

There may be a view to express,
maybe one we never considered,
maybe something new, and incisive,
but the same old words become littered.

Stoic Poetry

Ashes To Ashes

Please stay with me, don’t let me fall
because there’s nothing left here at all
stay with me, don’t let me fall
I can hear the ashes of endings call

Will the darkness fall upon me?
As the air is fleeting; growing thin
will the light begin to pull me?
Down Into its never ending sea

Can you hear the voices haunting
saying there is nothing left to fear
then why am I still calling?
I am still calling out to you

Stoic Poetry


Have the faithful been rewarded?
before they came to the end,
or did I miss the final warning?
For all the lies that I have lived,
nobody is calling me to ascend

Or am I not worthy?
Are you with me after all,
but why do I not hear you?
Are you with me through it all?
Then where are you when I fall?

Stoic Poetry


Lay your down head beside me
you are so tired, I can see
close your eyes and rest a while
I will stay with you, you’ll see
only sweet dreams for you tonight
let me be your guiding light

Here let me tuck you in
that’s it, up under your chin
if you awaken I will be here
this is the best place for me
please don’t cry, it’ll be okay
we’ll make it through another day

Stoic Poetry


The distant curve beckons 
A place unknown, but felt
One step begins the journey 
A lifetime journey I reckon 

Way points along the road
Stops along the way
For a short time it seems 
To lighten a heavy load

One day this tired soul will fail
And the journey must end
That distant curve will still be there
The day the last ship sets sail

Stoic Poetry

The Journey

Sometimes on this journey, 
you get lost in your mistakes
What might look like weakness, 
is a canvas for your strength

And this story is never over, 
your story’s just begun
Failing won’t define you, 
that’s for your heart to do

Arriving is not the end game, 
the journey’s is where you are
Nothing is ever perfect, 
just walk with all your heart

Stoic Poetry

Morning Glory

In the warmth of mornings glory
I recalled a very beautiful story 
One that my mother often told to me
Around the time I was only about three

One about a young boy, about my age
Whose mother read to him page after page
On pleasant days she would take him outside
To great the dawn with him by her side

So he could feel the sun, warm on his face
Turning to the the east with a heart filled with grace
The little boy had lost his sight, but never lost his smile
He was a happy child and smiled all the while

Stoic Poetry


An orchestra of sound greets my ears
This morning song is full of cheer
In mornings glow I greet the sound
Of life awakening all around

Of chirps and singing joy does abound
As me I sit here upon the ground
The world is filled with the sweetest song
In these precious moments before the dawn

Stoic Poetry