See The Reality

Through filtered glasses
Seeing what we want
What we wish to see

Illusion is better than the truth
Lying to ourselves
Believing it was meant to be

Comparing scars has become
The game we play in life
But nothing remains to feel

Stoic Poetry


The look is clear upon the faces
Masked, shielded from the world
Protection from words hurled

The illusion becomes the truth
Forgotten is who they were
A stranger trapped in a mirror

Misguided wandering souls
Becoming the roles they play
Becoming more lost every day

Stoic Poetry


Into The Deep

From the deep words call out
The charging force of thunder
Echoing through my chest
Pierce my heart, burn my soul

Take firm hold of my core
Grip the very center of me
Connections in the dark void
A fraction of an eternal moment

Light from falling angels
Reflected in dim mirrors
All hidden now lies exposed
Beneath the blazing light

A branch in the narrow path
Beckons change of old ways
Truth whispers upon the wind
And rumbles down the mountain

Stoic Poetry

True Eyes

Through mist; shadows walk
Clarity vanished long ago
Flickering screens; tired eyes
Seeing only what they allow

Truth has been discouraged
Eyes forward; silence is golden
Speak only when spoken to
The words they want to hear

True Eyes watch the madness
Actions without consciousness
Repeating all the words of old
Failure then will never work now

Stoic Poetry

Not Special

Hurry up it is time to grow old
Hurry up before your blood runs cold
Not one of us was ever meant to stay
But I suppose we will all find out one day

So it will never matter if you win first place
We were never built to run it like a race
So many ways show we are all the same
Wasting; waiting for fifteen minutes of fame

Life is not for the faint of heart
I’m not trying to tear anyone apart
But not one of us is all that special
And I’m not trying to sound ineffectual

If you take it down a notch, let me explain
That on this earth we are all the same
Filled with pride, and we’re condescending
I won’t hold my breath for some happy ending

Stoic Poetry


Out of the black, into blue
Feel the rain as we move into
Blackened skies, where we roam
Bending trees and lifting stones

Take a bow, take the leap
Collide upon the growing heap
Chaos rises as we near
Soon no sounds are left to hear

Out of the blue, into the black
See the stars beyond the crack
Rising see no one is alone
Above the trees and ashen bones

Stoic Poetry


I am me, I will always be
From the cradle to the grave
I may make some changes
As the world demands of me

Into shapes that never fit
Just to see a single smile
Is being dishonest, or worse
But I can bear it for a little bit

True nature is all we are
Trust in which we are born
Games only color the truth
Pretending only goes so far

Stoic Poetry


Sandpaper would be kinder
The way we rub each other
Always in conflict it seems
Holding onto our blind beliefs
When we know we are wrong

We will fight to the death
In defending our past
Our pride won’t allow us
To accept a truth given
Finding where we belong

So we plod our course
Along the path of others
Oblivious in our life
We follow another’s beat
We sing another’s song

Stoic Poetry

No One Can Explain

They say they know
Maybe they really do
But when they explain
Something is always lost
Between me and you

Experience is personal
It is one of a kind
In the simple telling
Words cannot convey
A truth you may find

There are many teachers
Who promise true reality
They share the words
Promises of awakening
Yet we remain in duality

Stoic Poetry

Beyond Exhausted

I am tired, but I try
Doing the things I must
I get through the day
With all I have to give
All I want to do is cry

Still so little remains
I dig down so deep
But it is almost empty
I dredge the bottom
Trying to hide the pain

No one can clearly see
What still remains of me
No one is allowed
The glimpse inside
Of what I used to be

Stoic Poetry