Lost To The World

When the old days all fall away
No longer are they of any use
A copy of what has been said
Is now used as a weak excuse

Original thought is a rarity
Sitting under the apple tree
Never allowed in these times
Shackled and no longer free

Once we thought; free to fly
Now too often led by the crowd
Afraid to say or write the truth
We can think; but never out loud

Stoic Poetry


They Are Only Words

Do they really matter?
Falling onto the page
The thoughts of only one
May to others enrage

But I am just a poet
And words are my trade
Nothing was ever meant
By what I may have said

Language is a funny thing
Interpretation even more
But behind my trusty pen
Still mightier than a sword

Stoic Poetry ☺️

The Worth Of Love

I would fight on for you
Through fire and flood
When all is said and done
What is a heart without blood?

Braving blows in silence
Rarely a word being said
Steadfast in the journey
Bleeding to know I am not dead

The sum, more than the parts
There is a value cherished
As the storm will break
And we will never perish

Stoic Poetry

When I Was Young

I ruled the world,
Mine to do with as I pleased
Boundaries were laid
Seen as walls to climb

Pulling at the stones
I tore them down
They begged me to stop
Leaving the rubble behind

I piled them high
Building my own
Building empires
That no one else could find

Now I look out at
Those begging to enter
But the gates are closed
Protecting me from my kind

Stoic Poetry

Take A Stand

When truth parts the draped veil
Combing the daylight for signs
Marketing another year for sale
Waiting to sign on the dotted line

Standing the ground, a last stand
Long life bent the broken man
Came the fire to break my hand,
They’ll get you in the end if they can.

Stoic Poetry

Stories We Are Told

They lied to us
From the very beginning
They told us fairy tales
While they were sinning

And we believed
The stories we were told
But they knew the truth
Blind faced and bold

In a world so false
And we never did know
Until we were on our own
In a world all alone

Stoic Poetry

The Cost

We bow before you
The frail and bruised
Full of painful truths
Some old, some new

Cast the shade
That leads our way
Back to the faults
In the beds we made

But the tale goes on
No price is the cost
For those who lost
And are now gone

Stoic Poetry

Within Darkest Days

In a world where darkness reigns,
And shadows cloak the truth,
It’s easy to get lost in doubt,
And despair can take hold of youth.

But if you search with open eyes,
And let your heart guide your way,
You’ll find a glimmer in the dark,
A light that’s there to stay.

For truth is not a fleeting thing,
It lingers in the air,
If you’re willing to believe,
And willing to dare.

Step out into the great unknown,
And trust in what you find,
For in the heart of every darkness,
A diamond always shines.

So don’t give up on finding truth,
And don’t let fear take hold,
For when you seek with all your might,
The world will soon unfold.

Stoic Poetry

Silence Falls

Snow falls in darkening mist
A tranquil scene that can’t be missed
The world is hushed, a peaceful bliss
As winter’s chill we can’t dismiss

A gentle touch upon the earth
Soft white flakes that give birth
To a wondrous sight, of lasting worth
As nature’s beauty fills the hearth

The wind’s whisper carries through
A lullaby so calming and true
As magic sparkles round and through
This land of dreams now made anew

The night is silent, no sound at all
Save for the snow’s soft, gentle call
A veil of mystery, a winter’s shawl
Blanketing the earth, one and all

Let your soul be touched with wonder
As you watch the snowfall’s thunder
In peaceful serenity, let your heart ponder
On this moment so perfect and pure asunder.

Stoic Poetry

Eyes Deceive

Our senses, they deceive us,
As we perceive the world around
What we see and hear and touch
May not be what is truly found

Our minds interpret signals
A outside, unknown place
Our reality is shaped by it
A game, a sort of cosmic race

The truth is never what we see
Or what we think is real
For there is always more beneath
Trying to unravel and reveal

Our reality is but an illusion
Of what is and what could be
May we seek beyond our senses
And maybe discover true reality.

Stoic Poetry