How far can you really go
Down this path you’re on
How much further
Until all hope is gone?

Have you noticed the dark
The time is getting late
There is no one here for you
No one to share in your fate

Fear might be useful right now
But you lost that long ago
Maybe a little common sense
Step back and take it slow

Take my hand and turn around
It is only for your own good
Turn around and follow me
I would take your place if I could

Stoic Poetry


Unheard voices sing on high
Choral symphonies of harmony
Preaching peace and love for all
Beyond our sight we cannot see

We on earth are blind and deaf
In mortal lives of pain and fear
If each could only try to listen
One of us might begin to hear

Stoic Poetry


Everything breaks apart
In the course of a lifetime

In the ruins of madness
There’s a ghost of a chance

You may call me a dreamer
You may call me a fool

Rising from the rubble
Rebirth to a kinder place

In flames the past is burned
A rising sun bringing hope 

Stoic Poetry


Before you have go
Give me just one more night
To show you just how I feel
I lost all my control
If it takes my whole damn life
I’ll make this up to you

Kind of like the waves
That roll their whole life towards somewhere
Crashing on the shore
It’s blown in by the wind
That carries the clouds to hide
My wish on a fallen star

Stoic Poetry

Is It Over Yet?

A jumble of fading footprints
all the hasty steps I can’t retrace
trying to get back to that place
I walk alone, no matter where I go
It’s ends up being only for show

The more I try to move on
Is the more I feel alone
Always chilled to the bone
asking is it over yet
what I would rather forget

Stoic Poetry

Old Man Time

Nowhere to go and nowhere to be
These moments,
so few and far between
When time slows; the crawling
of the old man

Time was never the enemy,
foisted upon an unsuspecting victim
No, it is only us killing the old man,
wasting these moments until they cease

Stoic Poetry

Into The Fire

Flames rise as broken soul’s fall
So few remain to heed the call
Many stumble along unaware
So many just do not even care

Hypocrites will lead the exodus
Zealots from the last precipice
Talking faith and truth; all lies
Preaching to the last on high

Innocents without arrogance
Regain their own true inheritance
Never seeing the great strife
Too busy living a better life

Stoic Poetry


Over your grave I spoke
Holding a red, red rose
Gusts of freezing cold air
Telling me you were there

Always asking questions why
My life is overrated but I
Never expected that I’d
Underestimated my love for you

Stoic Poetry


Love is not a form of trade
Nor to reason be it bound
Only through Holiest of Hosts
Can its treasure ever be found

And yet, so often do we see
True Love beset by faithless scorn
By those who ridicule it
Crying when their hearts are torn

Stoic Poetry