This blog is the result of many years spent writing, predominantly poetry, though the occasional pieces of prose will appear from time to time.

Originally there were several blogs  I managed, “Through The Cracked Window,” along with that sites partner site, “Beyond The Cracked Window.” After many years, I decided to take both sites down and replace them with this one, “Through The Cracked Window (Revisited).”

The concept is based on how we tend to look at the world around us as if through a cracked window; we can surely see through the window, but we can never be too sure that images we see are entirely accurate.
When our own interpretations are added, to say nothing of our individual background, education, social upbringing, religious beliefs, and many other factors, it becomes very difficult for anyone to see anything exactly as others do, or even as things truly are.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the content found here and I welcome all observation, comments, or anything else you would like to share.


Stephen Allen (AKA Stoic)