This Broken Pen

A broken man with a pen
Is a dangerous adversary
Nothing to lose
And nothing to gain

Nothing to win
And nothing to prove
Writing to survive
To rise above the pain

Words that soothe
That light the spark
Line by line
Verse and refrain

Stoic Poetry

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

In one you are brilliant
But only a shadow here
In one you are perfect
Yet not even close here

One is your humanity
With nothing to fear
Here you have questions
Born of endless fear

One day you’ll return
To all you hold dear
But for now you stay
And do the best my dear

Stoic Poetry

A Better Way

There has to be a better way
Than going back and forth
Doing right, doing wrong
Because of how we were taught
Taught by them, who we are

No matter the bumps and bruises
No matter the scars or the pain
Can we simply believe in truth?
Born flawless we can never forget
What you say we are cannot be us

Stoic Poetry


I am just a little unsteady
Often listing to one side
Feeling it in my thinking
But mostly in my stride

Old injuries returning
Like bad habits often do
To be overcome once again
Something to go through

One day it will surely heal
To be once again forgotten
The world will seem brighter
And I will again feel nothing

Stoic Poetry

The Reason

We were born to be broken
Waiting to be put back together
When pieces fit better than before
Reborn to try one more time

Sometimes pieces may be missing
Searching is part of the scheme
Surprised by what is revealed
Finding out what all this means

Stoic Poetry

The Deep

These wounds will not heal
Consuming, controlling
Searching edges in the dark
Spewing words, extolling

Thoughts raging; the rant
Upon deaf ears fallen phrases
Polite nods walking away
Bowed heads increased paces

Hobbling and falling behind
I watch the passing ground
Where I used to run and skip
Until life and time slowed me down

Stoic Poetry

Hold On

Hold on to what you are
Guard close your heart
Flames climb into the night
Lapping at our heels
They aim to tear us apart

These days try to bind us
Bound by mortal chains
But time is on our side
Patience always the virtue
Far beyond our remains

Stoic Poetry

Along The Road

Passing field’s of waving grain
Waiting for some coming rain
The waning sun at the fields edge
Winking behind the Hawthorne hedge

Birds of all kinds skim along
Swooping to share a special song
Longing shadows line the road
As clouds drift by with their heavy load

Stoic Poetry