Hurry up before you get too old
Before days grow short
When your blood flows cold

We were never meant to stay
Here and gone is so close
But we will find out one day

We’re all the same, in this game
Not one of us is special
And no one is really to blame

Stoic Poetry


The faint tolling; rolling
A little clearer; nearer
In the veil; never to fail
Days will fall; to its call

Given grace; all must face
The final bell; time will tell
And so; we may never know
Where we go; beyond the flow

Stoic Poetry


There were times when nothing mattered
A time when the edge was only a dream
No one can explain how this could happen
Always trying not to take this too far now

Surely we have been made for another place
Where every sound is a symphony yet unheard
Temptation is falling and calling us home
Beyond the boundaries of the city lights

When that moment comes, who will be your help?
Heaving the last air of a world slipping away
Seeing colors we have never seen before
Voices in the dark call but no one listens

Stoic Poetry



There is no need to believe
Knowing how it’s supposed to be
It has never been easy, never will
Words written in abandon, let them roar

We have never understood what they say
We are the few that the few may remember
A thunder roar in the frailty we are
If we were toid do it again, would it be the same?

No one ever told us it would be easy
I can never extinguish the living in me
The walls fell long ago with nothing left to hide
No longer fighting, just rolling in on the tide

Stoic Poetry

Missing Chances

We mourn the lives not  lived
We never developed our talents
Easy to wish we’d worked harder
Or maybe loved much better

It takes no effort to miss a friend
Those we didn’t make and lost
It is not difficult to see yourself
Through the eyes of others

It is easy to regret for so long
Until our time runs out
It is not lives unlived we regret
lt is the regret itself

A regret that makes us shrivel
Wither away and shrink
Like our own  worst enemy
Would any versions be better?

Lives happen, it is true
But you are happening as well
This one we have to focus on
For it is all that we have

Stoic Poetry


Before you can find me deep in the ground
The only place I am sure to go
When the final truths must become unbound

Sometimes there are pleasures in the pain
That’s the reason we keep on hurting
Maybe there is an angel who is lying again

Wondering where it came from, that first line
Knowing exactly where it will go
Lives and songs sung, but always out of time

Stoic Poetry

Soft Spot

I have one soft spot
One so vulnerable
It is hidden away
Keeping it invisible

It holds my very spark
My one and only key
But only one knows
Knows the creation in me

She tends the glow
And holds the light
Tending so gently
And keeping it bright

In the deepest dreams
She is the only one
Reflected by the moon
Until morning comes

Stoic Poetry


Some days are Monday’s
No matter the given day
Hard to start, hard to finish
When nothing goes your way

Others you can glide through
Everything goes just right
Everyday cannot be perfect
Trying as hard as you might

Stoic Poetry

Gray Days

These days have grayed
The iris’s of his eyes
Standing in the rain
While daylight dies

He will wait until he knows
The love that never lies
A heart that cannot rest
Without requited sighs

Sun and moon arcs
Are of no consequence
In days of shadows
Without rhyme or sense

Stoic Poetry