First Snow

The first snow of winter falls
Beyond these frosted panes
Feather dust upon the grass
As no season is meant to last

Soon a blanket of winter down
Will spread its wings around
While spring slumbers below
Waiting beneath the fallen snow

Stoic Poetry


I could paint you red
To show the turmoil
That sometimes rages
Inside in your head

I could paint you green
To show how gentle
You still remain
After all you have seen

I could paint you in gray
Graceful beauty as the night
Dancing in the stars
Across the milky way

If I were truly an artist
I would not change a thing
You are perfection to me
In all the colors of your past

Stoic Poetry


Wants And Needs

For some they are the same
Never noticing the lines
Between wanted things
And needs sometimes

Want; usually a sign of greed
Trying to convince ourselves
But true need is different
Placing wants on a shelf

Holding food above hunger
Warmth against the cold
Valuing need over luxury
Stories we have been told

Many never know the comfort
That excess seems to bring
Having walls and a roof
Living without the extra things

Stoic Poetry


Days tick by
As I wonder why
I was placed
Upon this coil

Is there a reason
Something I missed
Or is it random
For which we toil

Where is the point
We understand
Or is there none
Wither and spoil

Sparing and sharing
Passing the time
Ticking, wasting
On this endless coil

Stoic Poetry

The Way

Do you know the way?
No, I am as lost as you
Do you have a map?
Just the one that I drew

We can travel a while
To see where it leads
The company is nice
We can plant some seeds

Take my hand for a while
Watching as the sun sets
There is not much to say
I am glad that we have met

Stoic Poetry

When You Are Sad

You can’t put a finger on it
Just a feeling deep within
You sit alone inside yourself
Trying to understand your sin

There never really was one
No matter how hard you try
Trying to find what is wrong
And still you wonder why

There never really was a cause
That’s just the way life can be
Happier days will come again
Be patient and you will see

Stoic Poetry


I am me, I will always be
From the cradle to the grave
I may make some changes
As the world demands of me

Into shapes that never fit
Just to see a single smile
Is being dishonest, or worse
But I can bear it for a little bit

True nature is all we are
Trust in which we are born
Games only color the truth
Pretending only goes so far

Stoic Poetry


Sandpaper would be kinder
The way we rub each other
Always in conflict it seems
Holding onto our blind beliefs
When we know we are wrong

We will fight to the death
In defending our past
Our pride won’t allow us
To accept a truth given
Finding where we belong

So we plod our course
Along the path of others
Oblivious in our life
We follow another’s beat
We sing another’s song

Stoic Poetry


Upon sun baked crust
Decades of abuse known
Tears fall through cracks
Upon dead seeds sown

Heavens open up to weep
This toxic deluge of tears
Spilling, falling from hope
For natural life to reappear

Stoic Poetry