Take Flight

Again my fancy takes to flight,
And soars away on thoughtful wings,
Once more my soul thrills with delight,
From Earthly scenes awhile, I find release

Where nothing disturbs and nothing harm,
I find no sorrow, woe or care,
These all are lost in perfect calm,
Bright are the joys, where worries cease

Stoic Poetry

The Child Inside

Stepping over the line of morals
Gaining wealth and material things
Ignoring all of the priceless gifts
This beautiful life can bring

Keep that child inside alive
Hold them close to your heart
We’re only here for a very brief time
Then from this world we must part

For one moment each day let it go
Splash and dance in the rain
Take in life’s wondrous glory
You may never get the chance again

Stoic Poetry


Hope is a battlefield
of sorry disillusionment
What we try to achieve
is never what we meant

Hope is the pinnacle
of what we truly want
but often falls short
as we dip into the Fonte

Hope is the goal of all
the wish of every heart
and one day we will gain
That which has kept us apart

Stoic Poetry

So Many Words

We speak and set ourselves apart
High words that boast and flail about
Beyond meaning from the very start
Hoping no one will ever find us out

If we chose the words we require
Then the message that we send
Would be received to inspire
Clearer understanding in a friend

But so it is from day to day
Our words can only take us so far
But everyone who has had their say
Still right here where they always are

Stoic Poetry

Cold Awakening

Gather me in remnants of a past life
That I may find warmth on this cold day
Not upon the cold blade of today’s knife
And I will gladly, be on my way

Stoke the fire against tomorrows cold
Wrapped warm in my days of glory
Please just a little time I will borrow
Before writing the next page of this story

Stoic Poetry


In fragments these questions arise
Shard’s when touched soon vanish
What is beauty compared to grief?
What is joy compared to sorrow?
In darkness lives the promise of light

When put to rest; the past we banish
For you alone I am still here in pieces
In this sliver; time is all we can borrow
Splinters of another sanity creeps in
Held at bay, never trusting to show

Stoic Poetry