A Better Way

There has to be a better way
Than going back and forth
Doing right, doing wrong
Because of how we were taught
Taught by them, who we are

No matter the bumps and bruises
No matter the scars or the pain
Can we simply believe in truth?
Born flawless we can never forget
What you say we are cannot be us

Stoic Poetry


Messy Life

The bedrooms a mess
There are dishes in the sink
Dirty clothes everywhere

But this is the life we know
The cracks begin to show
In the bed of the dry lake

Pictures like a deep blue sea
We know nothing is perfect
I know I am surely not close

Never wanting to change
Because this is us, nothing else
Living this messy lovely life 

Stoic Poetry  


I remember standing on a broken field
With crippled wings beating the sky
Facing dogs of war with their nature revealed
And our chances passing and failing

If I could let these memories heal
I would remember you with me on that field
When I thought that I fought this war alone
When I thought that I fought without a cause

Turn the page, I need to see something new
For now my fragile innocence is torn
I will not linger on this stunted view
Like so many rabid dogs of war

Stoic Poetry


Full of bloom and colour, sun full overhead
Face turned skyward embrace nature’s gift
Long days of bounty, endless joy of which we read
Heedless, careless, forgetful of the cold dark rift

No thought of seasons extending beyond the sun
Prepare not, time has no bearing, no dominion here
No one to tell us of things that must be done
Too late we realize, the shadow season, so near

Stoic Poetry

Words That Bind

Between the lines, words are owned
Not by the writer, we are forced to atone

Bound by rules we are forced to obey
Unseen chains bind us every day

Hidden words are kept deep inside
Hidden from a world too quick to deride

Hidden journals and books under the bed
Secrets kept of whispers unsaid

Stoic Poetry

The Deep

These wounds will not heal
Consuming, controlling
Searching edges in the dark
Spewing words, extolling

Thoughts raging; the rant
Upon deaf ears fallen phrases
Polite nods walking away
Bowed heads increased paces

Hobbling and falling behind
I watch the passing ground
Where I used to run and skip
Until life and time slowed me down

Stoic Poetry

Hold On

Hold on to what you are
Guard close your heart
Flames climb into the night
Lapping at our heels
They aim to tear us apart

These days try to bind us
Bound by mortal chains
But time is on our side
Patience always the virtue
Far beyond our remains

Stoic Poetry

Along The Road

Passing field’s of waving grain
Waiting for some coming rain
The waning sun at the fields edge
Winking behind the Hawthorne hedge

Birds of all kinds skim along
Swooping to share a special song
Longing shadows line the road
As clouds drift by with their heavy load

Stoic Poetry