Hard World

Candy Floss and bubble gum dreams
most of us grew up with, so it seems
No real monsters under our beds\
Leaving the nightlight on to be safe instead

Little by little the chinks appear
in the stories we were told for years
little slips show the cracks inside
to break our worlds of candied lies

For too long we were protected
when we needed to be respected
now we are left to our devices
with no training on telling
what nice is

Stoic Poetry


How far will you really go
Down this path you’re on 
How much further 
Until all hope is gone?

Have you noticed the dark
The time is getting late
There is no one here for you
No one for you to relate

Fear would be good right now
But you lost that long ago
Maybe a little common sense
Step back and take it slow

Take my hand and turn back
It is only for your own good
Turn around now with me
I would take your place if I could

Stoic Poetry

Morning Snack

Every morning I wake at dawn
and go to put the coffee on
I log outside to have a seat
and check the cats have food to eat

Lately I have found some trouble
as they seem to be eating double
with food bowls strewn around
and food scattered upon the ground

I looked about but today I found
what was spreading food upon the ground
I thought maybe the neighbours dog
but what I found was a large hedgehog

Stoic Poetry


This keyboard feels cold and tired today
Words sound mechanical and unfelt
This feels cold and forced, the words I say
I don’t want to be told this was misspelt

The pen nib is scratchy, and a little dry
Cleaning pens is not my strongest suit
But the ink flows, thankful, I give a sigh
Words flowing to a page as they take root

Some days call for a favourite pen in hand
A blank page on which to write anything
And a blank mind with nothing planned
To see in the end what imagination brings

Stoic Poetry


The tide takes you
Light is turning pale
Who have you trusted
They’ll set you straight
With a crown of rusty nails

Let me see you fall
No this is not a drill
Crashing to the pavement
Listening to hear you break
Who are you trusting still

Stoic Poetry

The Edge

Beyond the edge of memories 
Lies a place without time
Where the ebb and flow 
Are the rhythm and the rhyme

A place beyond all things
Where everything begins
To where all things return 
And endless possibilities sing

This place most primordial
Breathes birth into the world
No past; not even a future
Where our present is unfurled

Stoic Poetry


From the Fonte, all life flows 
Sometimes it comes
And sometimes it goes

In this universe 
Bridges of knowledge 
Are often difficult to traverse

The tides of life are hard to know
Rising only then to fall
Pulling everything to and fro

It begins with sharing a verse
But If we don’t listen
We fall prey to the oldest curse

Stoic Poetry

Fan The Flames

Incendiary remarks
Ignite with derision the sparks 
Fan the flames
Stand back and lay the blame
Stoke the fire
Watch the flames grow higher
Point the finger
Don’t stay too long and linger
Run or lope
As they run to fetch the rope

Stoic Poetry  


For the lost and the broken
The invisible and misspoken 
For the sad and forgotten 

We all have these scars
Some running deep indeed
Too deep now to bleed

You are seen in between
Into the cracks you have fallen 
And from those cracks calling

Telling us to remember
To always watch our step
Or join the legions who misstep

Stoic Poetry