Here And Gone

One blink, one heartbeat
One breath, one instant
This world, and this place
Will vanish in the distance

We take it all so seriously
It is really nothing at all
Yet we are so shocked
When we get the final call

Life can become so heavy
A struggle to stay afloat
But in the blink of an eye
There is nothing left to tote

Stoic Poetry


Yes There Is Love

In the smallest of things
Smiles given without cause
A hello to a total stranger
Without thinking or a pause

Wrapping arms around a friend
A heart given; without a cost
Just because you wanted too
Nothing can ever be lost

Forget the movies romance
The commercials selling sex
Real love comes without cost
Only needing to be expressed

Stoic Poetry

It Remains

I read a simple poem today
A short and lovely thing
It stayed through the morning
As it colored everything

The smile it put upon my face
Every time I recalled the words
Blossoms full of a voiceless joy
With words I have never heard

Such a little thing; easily missed
At a glance as the morning began
Embedded in my mind it stayed
It somehow changed who I am

Stoic Poetry


Time is a fickle mistress, stealing life,
Combing the daylight as beggars at night,
Stalking every man with a little knife,
Light from the dark door into the light.

When in a lost moment of idle fault;
I returned to the house in the dark.
The gray deal under the sun’s assault,
To see upon myself some sort of mark.

The old mirror lied within it’s gaze,
The stranger looking back at me,
Gone the vision of my younger days,
As old eyes neglect what they now see.

Stoic Poetry

Days Go By

One day followed the next,
And this life went on,
Endings became beginnings,
Times to be reflected upon.

Nothing was ever truly lost,
But everything had changed,
Each day was being built upon;
Shards to be rearranged.

In time, all will be complete,
Even pieces that never fit,
In this disorder of things,
In this fire that has been lit.

Stoic Poetry


Curtained eyes not fully open
The veil of night still closed
Rain drop spatter, still hoping
No sunshine will rise I suppose

It is too early yet to be awake
But the soft drops they calm
This sleeping world I gladly take
A new day held in his palm

There is no better place to be
Sitting quietly in the dark
A rainy Sunday waiting to see
On this new day to embark

Stoic Poetry

The Fire At Night

As rain falls gentle on the field,
Stood by a door with the two windows,
Almost for a moment I had to yield,
Day for the time, night for the morrow.

A star that shines through curtain before,
Has looked like the last night in my life,
Laying with my head up on the floor,
Dumb with an earthly breath of strife.

Looking at the old dust before the sink,
And there you have the theme of the night,
I think the thing I most deserve to think,
In front of the fire in warmth and bright.

Stoic Poetry

The Muse

The poet writes in dark of night,
Recounted jewels from my brow,
Through all the day and heavenly light,
Brings a new smile at new art now.

Shedding the soft note in every line,
Steal up the sermon against my time,
Before this kind sweet muse of mine,
The search for memories once sublime.

Stoic Poetry

The Worth Of Love

I would fight on for you
Through fire and flood
When all is said and done
What is a heart without blood?

Braving blows in silence
Rarely a word being said
Steadfast in the journey
Bleeding to know I am not dead

The sum, more than the parts
There is a value cherished
As the storm will break
And we will never perish

Stoic Poetry

Out Of The Blue

Beyond reason or rhyme
Free of thought and time
Joy appears for no reason
Regardless of the season

Mundane tasks are done
With a smile and a tune
No chore is too much
Immersed, a gentle touch

A perfect single moment
No matter time and place
And I will not question
This simple touch of grace

Stoic Poetry