The Moments Of Life

We write the moments of our life
Ink marks of joy and devastation
What we live, and goes between
Whether smiles or consternation

There never was anyone to blame
No need to point out all the flaws
You have already lived each one
As you stepped into your life’s maw

Your words speak to the battles won
Or to the ones you think you lost
But in the end they made you, you
And they were, no matter the cost.

Stoic Poetry

The Touch

If I only had your touch,
The world would be a better place,
Amongst anger and strife,
I would be guided by grace

If I had your patience,
When all around is falling,
I would bring down some peace,
If I only had your calling

But you are you, and I am not,
But I can still at least try,
To give the very best of me,
And not just bow my head and sigh

Stoic Poetry

The Worn Path

The path has gotten wider
The further that I go,
But very few people here,
And no one that I know

Sometimes it fades to nothing
And there are no signs,
I use my moral compass,
And hope I will be fine

This simple sense of knowing
Is all I really need,
To keep me in between the lines,
With hope I will succeed

Stoic Poetry


Years go by and I am still here
Learning from my list of mistakes
One by one trying to correct
No matter the cost or the fear

They colour my mood every day
Though they are all long dead
The lessons I have learned
Have changed me in every way

I thank them as the days go by
For without them I would be lost
I am the total of what they taught
Unchangeable no matter how I try

Stoic Poetry


Wishing I could go back, when
Everything was easier for me,
Wanting all we left behind,
Like it’s the answer.
An hourglass we can’t rewind

Holding back a life denied for so long,
Can I find my way to you?
After all that we’ve been through,
And after all we left in pieces,
When we never really had a clue

Stephen Allen
(Stoic Poetry)

What A Life Can Mean

We are not of this place,
Thrust here without grace
Into rules that bind
Yet the spark is not blind

Teach me to be as you
Tell me your words are true
Tell me how things must be
Eyes down, never try to see

Now the threats, they fade
As I see the price they paid
To fit into this sad machine
Knowing what a life can mean

Wonder; when old and worn
Left alone for the younger born
Free to finally understand
This life was in another’s hand.

Stoic Poetry

These Eyes

These eyes are of the past
I am here, after all
Many have gone before
I see for those who cannot

I am of the past
The most recent of many
From my father and before
Now resting in trust

What I do, or say
The pinnacle of eons
The voice of the countless
Points of light

Each of us echo
For every voice
That has ever lived
Speak in kindness

Together, here, we are
A culmination of mankind
Since the dawn of time
One speaks for all

Stoic Poetry


Come softly in the night
Regrow those withered dreams
Resurrection in pure beauty
Too long buried
Within the tomb of the world

Speak lifetimes of love
For eternities in the moment
Arisen in flames
To relight the forge
The stone cold forge

Stoic Poetry