Let the sky fall down
Silence without a sound
Days falling all around

Weak truths we found
To all pleasure bound
Trapped on this ground

Pretending to be
Open and free
We refuse to see

As we beg and plea
Degree upon degree
Yet too late to flee

Stoic Poetry

A Snapshot In Time

A Snapshot In Time

In an album hidden
Flashes of moments
Opened; pages turned
Often shown unbidden

Windows wiped clean
Not wanting to look
At pictures taped
Begging to be seen

They can be buried
But never remain so
Rising pain to pane
Always to be carried

Stoic Poetry

This Broken Pen

A broken man with a pen
Is a dangerous adversary
Nothing to lose
And nothing to gain

Nothing to win
And nothing to prove
Writing to survive
To rise above the pain

Words that soothe
That light the spark
Line by line
Verse and refrain

Stoic Poetry

In Our Nature

A mouse once bit me
And we sat and talked
“It is in my nature to bite”
So we parted ways

A snapping turtle once bit me
And we sat and talked
“I can do no other by nature”
So we parted ways

A bear once charged me
We sat and talked
“It is my nature to charge”
So we parted ways

I met a friend who was kind
We sat down and talked
“It is in my nature to love”
We have never parted ways.

Stoic Poetry

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

In one you are brilliant
But only a shadow here
In one you are perfect
Yet not even close here

One is your humanity
With nothing to fear
Here you have questions
Born of endless fear

One day you’ll return
To all you hold dear
But for now you stay
And do the best my dear

Stoic Poetry


In the deep woods
Whispered voices speak
Of past summers
And joyous days
In sun dappled warmth

Chilled days stealing leaves
As Winter calls to fall
Grip the earth, still warm
With roots of ages past
Few will visit these barrens

So we will sleep in silence
Wrapped in snowy days
The quiet of winter comes
Now rest on hidden trails
Awaiting spring and the coming sun

Stoic Poetry

Global Vision

If the leaders of this world
Know what is right and wrong
Then why do they still sing
The same old familiar song?

Ignoring the very people
Who raised them up high
Full of rhetoric and dreams
Then asking them all why

But I am a simple poet
What can I possibly know?
With a global world vision
With only words to show

Stoic Poetry

Side Of The Road

No time is nowhere to go
In these times of conflict
When sleep is elusive
In a world fallen sick

Memories of good old days
I never asleep for too long
Days that never were
Where we never belonged

With eyes wide open
Sitting and pondering
By the edge of the road
Shaking and wondering

Stoic Poetry


The day is unknown
So many have flown
The blur is lost in time

Yet I remember some
Where I came from
Still hoping to find

The very last scene
Of what it all means
If I just follow the signs

Stoic Poetry