Among Us

She said tell me again
How giants were among us
With memories reaching back
Before the greed and lust

Tell me of the gentler times
Of peace and understanding
Before the hunger took us
In a world far less demanding

Tell me of the love and grace
Blue skies and fields of green
Of sharing in a simpler life
Or maybe it was just a dream

Stoic Poetry


Yes There Is Love

In the smallest of things
Smiles given without cause
A hello to a total stranger
Without thinking or a pause

Wrapping arms around a friend
A heart given; without a cost
Just because you wanted too
Nothing can ever be lost

Forget the movies romance
The commercials selling sex
Real love comes without cost
Only needing to be expressed

Stoic Poetry

To Write

The words are our own
Some we may share
Others are for us alone

If one person reads them
We are truly blessed
Never relinquish the pen

Words with no other goal
Than the love of sharing
Soothing a scarred soul

Stoic Poetry

Darkness Falls

Beneath a cold dawning sky
As the pages of my life roll by
I wait to see your smiling face
To meet me in this broken place

There’s nowhere I can run to
And nothing I could ever do
I’m nowhere if I’m not here
Beside you through the years

Even if you took it all away
On the darkest of my days
Softly calling  out your name
As the memories still remain

There is no one I can run to
And nothing I could ever do
Wrestling with the phantoms
As the days darkness comes

Stoic Poetry

When She Smiles

The world is a little lighter
Gloomy days a little brighter
When a simple little smile
All that is needed for a while

Words sooth a restless soul
In a world that’s taken a toll
She calms this manic mind
Words beautiful and kind

I have found my home
A land I have never known
And I will stay right here
With my heart ever near

Stoic Poetry


A world made of smaller ones
Divisive groups, fearful schemes
Keeping them far away  from us
Filtered through media screens

In oblivion lives are lived apart
Hoarding what we have gained
Seeing more of the differences
And not how we are the same

Dice were rolled, we were born
The gamble of better or worse
With blinders covering our eyes
Some are blessed, others cursed

Stoic Poetry

Out Of Place

Now I just fell to the ground
and woke to the sound of an earthquake
The glitch as I try to close my eyes
As the world crashed into the sky

Now I lay here and watch you sleep
With everything around me submersing
Sedating words make a tranquil rhyme
As the ravaged storm rages out of time

Twisting and turning I search for the sun
The heavens have become so very small from here
There’s a universe growing between these walls
And I know I shouldn’t be thinking about it all

Stoic Poetry

More Than Normal

In brazen words a challenge given
To a world faded and mundane
So few will try to understand
Brushed away as being insane

Beyond a rainbow full of gray
Colors sometimes bleed
Never seen by jaded eyes
Time and place will recede

Very few read anymore
Bored of the black and white
Even less try to understand
The rainbow beyond their sight

Stoic Poetry

Dark Beauty

There is beauty in the darkness
A lack of sound; nothing to see
No guidance of poetic thought
Only the purest form of clarity

Words form on pageless pages
Awaiting to see if they are born
Searching for the light of day
And not just fade in the morn

Stoic Poetry

Just A Writer

He lives inside his head
Worlds once only imagined
Through words he has said
Life is given to the pageant

The journey is given
So others maybe see
A new point of view
Of what a life can be

Everyone has a story
One that needs telling
On keyboard or in ink
Inside it is always dwelling

Write it down, tell the tale
Before it begins to fade
Releasing the demons
In silence that are made

Stoic Poetry