Creation, beyond thought
Beyond the  image and word
It cannot to be communicated
It was never formulated

Often wrapped up in speeches
Never in complete awareness
It cannot be used or sold
In the market, to be haggled

Misunderstood by the mind
Without means to touch it
The sharp instrument of logic
Always misses the point

Stoic Poetry


On The Horizon

The event horizon breaches
Sunlight washing a world
Upon crystalline field’s
Frosted diamonds shine

The point of no return
As the new day breaks
For all to see; few do
The eternal cares not

One world of many, alone
Le point verge, of this one
Never to be denied or lost
Observing the point of all

Stoic Poetry


I just crashed into the night sky
Watching the moon as it flew by

I just fell into the ocean deep
In buried secrets meant to keep

The storm between, knowing all
Yet I know nothing as I fall

The landing is harder that we face
As we are destined to this place

Stoic Poetry


Out of the black, into blue
Feel the rain as we move into
Blackened skies, where we roam
Bending trees and lifting stones

Take a bow, take the leap
Collide upon the growing heap
Chaos rises as we near
Soon no sounds are left to hear

Out of the blue, into the black
See the stars beyond the crack
Rising see no one is alone
Above the trees and ashen bones

Stoic Poetry

No One Can Explain

They say they know
Maybe they really do
But when they explain
Something is always lost
Between me and you

Experience is personal
It is one of a kind
In the simple telling
Words cannot convey
A truth you may find

There are many teachers
Who promise true reality
They share the words
Promises of awakening
Yet we remain in duality

Stoic Poetry

People I Know

Most have lost their minds
Worlds have been narrowed
Seeing only what they want
As times get tight and harrowed

Unwilling to expand, they ignore
Reality as it stands before them
But change is hard for some
While living on the margins

Awakening takes a major event
Which is in the air, and all around
But how many will heed the call
In their life here an the ground

Stoic Poetry


Awareness, arising unbidden
Fragile gossamer mist, born of dew
Night is fading, last dream hidden
Secrets veiled from waking view

Sleep filled eyes, spread the canvas
Upon which the world is painted
Each grace filled brush stroke dances
Upon the virgin day, as yet untainted

Stoic Poetry

A Better Way

There has to be a better way
Than going back and forth
Doing right, doing wrong
Because of how we were taught
Taught by them, who we are

No matter the bumps and bruises
No matter the scars or the pain
Can we simply believe in truth?
Born flawless we can never forget
What you say we are cannot be us

Stoic Poetry


Unknown victims abound
Writhing, crying on the ground
Trying to arise and breathe
Sobbing without a sound
A prison they have found
Alone they fight for relief
Invisible walls they pound
Many before have drowned
Struggling up from beneath

Stoic Poetry