Welcome To The Edge

This is where it all comes down
The pressure rises in my veins
Where everything is real
Where everything is beautiful

Would you say everything is alright
Would you trade this life?
A random roll to lock it in
Light or dark bleak or colored

Stoic Poetry

See The Reality

Through filtered glasses
Seeing what we want
What we wish to see

Illusion is better than the truth
Lying to ourselves
Believing it was meant to be

Comparing scars has become
The game we play in life
But nothing remains to feel

Stoic Poetry

The Rabbit Hole

Is there a right way for how this goes?
You have your friends, along with foes
Wanting a piece of what you’ve sought
Forgetting your name like they forgot

Some want to see you crash and burn
And they criticize every word you sing
I’m trying to keep from going insane
Isn’t that the way of this whole damn thing

Nobody will hold your hand to guide you through
It has always been up to you to remain true
Nobody can ever truly feel another’s pain
Too often just something else to feign

Today, you should say all you have to say
Is there a right way for being strong?
Still, most are just here barely holding on
Feeling like they’re doing things all wrong

Confess my heart and forgive my wrongs
If not you then who’s left when it has gone?
When all is done, and it’s time to fade away
Don’t point the blame when you can’t find a way

Look at yourself and you might find something
It’s time that we finally get this sorted out
So listen very closely to the sound of your soul
And forget all of the things we complain about

Stoic Poetry


Wants And Needs

For some they are the same
Never noticing the lines
Between wanted things
And needs sometimes

Want; usually a sign of greed
Trying to convince ourselves
But true need is different
Placing wants on a shelf

Holding food above hunger
Warmth against the cold
Valuing need over luxury
Stories we have been told

Many never know the comfort
That excess seems to bring
Having walls and a roof
Living without the extra things

Stoic Poetry


Days tick by
As I wonder why
I was placed
Upon this coil

Is there a reason
Something I missed
Or is it random
For which we toil

Where is the point
We understand
Or is there none
Wither and spoil

Sparing and sharing
Passing the time
Ticking, wasting
On this endless coil

Stoic Poetry

When You Are Sad

You can’t put a finger on it
Just a feeling deep within
You sit alone inside yourself
Trying to understand your sin

There never really was one
No matter how hard you try
Trying to find what is wrong
And still you wonder why

There never really was a cause
That’s just the way life can be
Happier days will come again
Be patient and you will see

Stoic Poetry

Never Gone

Mourning the final loss
Afraid we may yet forget
The passing of another
Caught in memories net

Always there are reminders
Of what has gone before
So we dwell in the sadness
For those beyond the door

They will never return
After that one final day
They would want us to live
In every possible way

Stoic Poetry

Always There

The past often taunts
Trying to breathe once more
But it must remain lifeless
Behind that locked door

It had its moments
As a present now gone
It will not live again
Fading in the coming dawn

We are here only now
No past, no future yet
Stitching life together
With time as the suture

Stoic Poetry

As Before

It can never be possible
Continuing on as before
You are not the same person
Locked away behind that door

In a world that can be cold
We must build our fires
Burning longings of the past
Into ashes upon the pyres

Time can never be held onto
Stolen or saved for another day
Killing time will return to haunt
To be accounted for in some way

Stoic Poetry

Narrow Spaces

Living within the lines
This narrow bound lane
Leaves no room to grow
No matter what they claim

Narrow spaces hurt the soul
But often we become blind
And never see the walls
Built to hold and bind

Step beyond the lines
Look to the other side
To the beauty beyond
Pushing against the tide

Stoic Poetry