More Than Normal

In brazen words a challenge given
To a world faded and mundane
So few will try to understand
Brushed away as being insane

Beyond a rainbow full of gray
Colors sometimes bleed
Never seen by jaded eyes
Time and place will recede

Very few read anymore
Bored of the black and white
Even less try to understand
The rainbow beyond their sight

Stoic Poetry


When Words Cease

Something is different
Something has changed
Realization; the quiet
No thought or rabble
A clarity so perfect
Nothing to be rearranged

Once it is noticed
It seems to fade away
Nothing to be held
Nothing to be sought
A background to all
No one to see anyway

Stoic Poetry

Into The Wall

Only curtains remain to fall
Broken words make no sound
Falling as they kiss the ground
Living, backs against the wall

Senses now bow and break
When everything is falling down
Smiles that mask the frown
Through every turn we make

Stoic Poetry

Dark Beauty

There is beauty in the darkness
A lack of sound; nothing to see
No guidance of poetic thought
Only the purest form of clarity

Words form on pageless pages
Awaiting to see if they are born
Searching for the light of day
And not just fade in the morn

Stoic Poetry

Just A Writer

He lives inside his head
Worlds once only imagined
Through words he has said
Life is given to the pageant

The journey is given
So others maybe see
A new point of view
Of what a life can be

Everyone has a story
One that needs telling
On keyboard or in ink
Inside it is always dwelling

Write it down, tell the tale
Before it begins to fade
Releasing the demons
In silence that are made

Stoic Poetry

The Reason

Writing words rarely read
Threads from within my head
Untied knots, unraveled thoughts
Undoing lies that I was taught

Pieces of what I no longer need
Of some lost and forgotten deed
Wasted time on what I sought
Keeping the truths I have caught

Stoic Poetry


Words are planted gently
Connections made they grow
Word by word, lime by line
Knowing not where they will go

Sometimes they may wander
Randomly without a rhyme
Only to return and mingle
Ripening fruit upon the vine

Meanings can drift and fade
The writer begs your pardon
As seeds are planted gently
In his ever flowering garden

Stoic Poetry

Beyond Exhausted

I am tired, but I try
Doing the things I must
I get through the day
With all I have to give
All I want to do is cry

Still so little remains
I dig down so deep
But it is almost empty
I dredge the bottom
Trying to hide the pain

No one can clearly see
What still remains of me
No one is allowed
The glimpse inside
Of what I used to be

Stoic Poetry

My Time

I will not stay beyond my stead
No means will keep me in this place
For I am friends with the end
We will go in peace and grace

To fight is no longer within me
There has been enough of that
A clear winner was crowned
Whoever has been up to bat

Quiet days are always the best
Pondering what this all meant
But there is no clear answer
Except love given and sent

Stoic Poetry