In Contrast

Step out the front door
as a ghost into the fog
where no one notices

The contrast of white on white
walking in the fading light
as angels get a better view

The crumbling difference
between right and wrong
walking in air between the rain
through myself and back again

Stoic Poetry



Let the sky fall down
Silence without a sound
Days falling all around

Weak truths we found
To all pleasure bound
Trapped on this ground

Pretending to be
Open and free
We refuse to see

As we beg and plea
Degree upon degree
Yet too late to flee

Stoic Poetry

A Better Way

There has to be a better way
Than going back and forth
Doing right, doing wrong
Because of how we were taught
Taught by them, who we are

No matter the bumps and bruises
No matter the scars or the pain
Can we simply believe in truth?
Born flawless we can never forget
What you say we are cannot be us

Stoic Poetry


Passing people in the street
I wonder what are their words
Locked deep inside of them
Thoughts never to be heard

Stories they often tell themselves
Poems others will never hear
Phrases and lines and stanzas
Held quietly, silence out of fear

How many poets will never speak
Poetry the world will never read
In a time when judgement is rife
Is a beauty that we most need

Stoic Poetry

Hold On

Hold on to what you are
Guard close your heart
Flames climb into the night
Lapping at our heels
They aim to tear us apart

These days try to bind us
Bound by mortal chains
But time is on our side
Patience always the virtue
Far beyond our remains

Stoic Poetry

Along The Road

Passing field’s of waving grain
Waiting for some coming rain
The waning sun at the fields edge
Winking behind the Hawthorne hedge

Birds of all kinds skim along
Swooping to share a special song
Longing shadows line the road
As clouds drift by with their heavy load

Stoic Poetry


There’s always a space in my heart for you
Always open and free
Always caught in your gravity

Drifting in the void deep and dark
Your light beckons
And I shift my direction

Always my soul belongs to where you are
With your heaven of stars
No distance is ever too far

Stoic Poetry