It Remains

I read a simple poem today
A short and lovely thing
It stayed through the morning
As it colored everything

The smile it put upon my face
Every time I recalled the words
Blossoms full of a voiceless joy
With words I have never heard

Such a little thing; easily missed
At a glance as the morning began
Embedded in my mind it stayed
It somehow changed who I am

Stoic Poetry


To Write

The words are our own
Some we may share
Others are for us alone

If one person reads them
We are truly blessed
Never relinquish the pen

Words with no other goal
Than the love of sharing
Soothing a scarred soul

Stoic Poetry

Lost To The World

When the old days all fall away
No longer are they of any use
A copy of what has been said
Is now used as a weak excuse

Original thought is a rarity
Sitting under the apple tree
Never allowed in these times
Shackled and no longer free

Once we thought; free to fly
Now too often led by the crowd
Afraid to say or write the truth
We can think; but never out loud

Stoic Poetry

The Muse

The poet writes in dark of night,
Recounted jewels from my brow,
Through all the day and heavenly light,
Brings a new smile at new art now.

Shedding the soft note in every line,
Steal up the sermon against my time,
Before this kind sweet muse of mine,
The search for memories once sublime.

Stoic Poetry

They Are Only Words

Do they really matter?
Falling onto the page
The thoughts of only one
May to others enrage

But I am just a poet
And words are my trade
Nothing was ever meant
By what I may have said

Language is a funny thing
Interpretation even more
But behind my trusty pen
Still mightier than a sword

Stoic Poetry ☺️


Can a sigh become a gasp
An outlet, an intake rasp
Does a whisper have a tone
Familiar voices we have known

Can a glance retell a story
Maybe one of pride and glory
Are memories true and real
Or only moments they steal

Stoic Poetry

Morning Routine

4am and the cats want food
Gentle paw strokes bring the light
Coffee is brewing too slow
Excited fur balls around my feet go

On the deck as dawn awakens
Writing a few new daily lines
Blank pages are a favorite thing
The fresh day and what it brings

A world at peace in quiet of sleep
I prayed to God my soul to keep
That others may remain safe
As daylight brings another wave

Stoic Poetry

Feel The Rain

Forboding skies where we roam
Feel the rain among widswept trees
Heaving Earth and lifting stones
Colliding in sounds, pure harmony

I need to be closer, I need to run
You need to be faster or I will catch up
Havoc rising high as we draw nearer
Now we need to prepare for what’s to come

Stoic Poetry

Lost And Found

Talk has always been cheap
Until twisted to fully blind us
So trust may be our final act
Be wary

I’m going to keep lighting fires
Until someone finally finds us
Hope it could be very soon now
It’s scary

I’m going to keep shaking cages
Until the bars finally unbind us
The only worry is what will be left
To bury

Stoic Poetry