The Way

Do you know the way?
No, I am as lost as you
Do you have a map?
Just the one that I drew

We can travel a while
To see where it leads
The company is nice
We can plant some seeds

Take my hand for a while
Watching as the sun sets
There is not much to say
I am glad that we have met

Stoic Poetry


In Our Nature

A mouse once bit me
And we sat and talked
“It is in my nature to bite”
So we parted ways

A snapping turtle once bit me
And we sat and talked
“I can do no other by nature”
So we parted ways

A bear once charged me
We sat and talked
“It is my nature to charge”
So we parted ways

I met a friend who was kind
We sat down and talked
“It is in my nature to love”
We have never parted ways.

Stoic Poetry

Endless Love

If we were vampires, death would be a joke
We’d go out during the night as we awoke
And laugh at the other lovers and their plans
I would walk through time and hold your hand

Maybe time running out is the greatest gift
I’ll work hard till I reach the end of my shift
And give you every second that I can find
And hope neither of us gets left behind

Stoic Poetry

Endless Days

It’s not the long flowing tresses of your hair
Or the light reflecting off of your skin so fair
The fragile heart you protected for so long
Or the mercy in your sense of right and wrong

It’s not your hand searching slow in the dark
Or your nails bleeding love’s watermark
It’s not the way you could talk me off the roof
Your questions like directions to the truth

It’s knowing that this can go on forever
Neither of us will spend time alone, ever
But one day we will be old and grey
Far in the future, for now, so far away

Stoic Poetry


I’m not afraid of dying
There’s too much to miss in life
But I can’t begin to even imagine
You not by my side

I’m not afraid of tomorrow
Tomorrow, I’m afraid, will change
And if we’re obsessed by counting each hour
What’s left of today?

Stoic Poetry

Our Road

We walk both sides of every street
Through every storm and every doubt
But that was never our defeat
As long as we travelled the same route

So there’s no need for turning back
Because all roads lead to where we stand
And I believe we’ll walk them all
No matter what we may have planned

Stoic Poetry


As a late blooming Dahlia
You gleamed, iridescent glory
Soft mist upon upturned petals

Beckoning, impossible to ignore
I could not, I did not
Together as one we stayed

Untouchable in our world
Dark storms brooding, we rode
Unbridled, beyond time and pain

As all things, seasons will change
The early chill became the cold of dawn
At first the slow wilt left unnoticed

The nights freeze pulling us together
As two become one for all time
For now we sleep, to dream of spring

Stoic Poetry

Into Thin Air

All the airy nothings you thought,
would never hold your weight
The sense of beckoning newness, 
the lightness of air

And you, in that miracle hour afraid,
only in some inward part 
Whose hand you have already taken,
now pulling him on

Walking together toward the sun,
to the top of the road
A single silhouette in the beckoning sky
together you and I

Stoic Poetry

Helping Hand

Am I so lost?
Feeling that something is seriously out of place

So out of touch?
With people around yet no one sees my face

Are you my friend?
Reach out and simply take me by the hand

Are we so alone?
No longer, now as friends we will stand

Stoic Poetry



Your breath to my heart 
Life flows once more 
Your words resonate 
Chords in this musical score 

Your soul soft and pure 
Untainted by this world 
Your lips forming words 
So long since heard 

Your dreams reveal 
What I have seen 
Time given freely 
Fulfil my dreams 

Your hand held in mine 
Friend in heart and word 
For you alone I write 
Every thought unheard 

Stoic Poetry