A Feeling

The feeling something is missing
That last turn along the road
The hesitation and yearning
Memories of the stories told

Feeling destined for other things
Yet no idea what they are
So you question everything
Before you have gone too far

Exactly where you find yourself
Is where you are meant to be
Becoming aware, then to know
There never was a path to see

Stoic Poetry



I just crashed into the night sky
Watching the moon as it flew by

I just fell into the ocean deep
In buried secrets meant to keep

The storm between, knowing all
Yet I know nothing as I fall

The landing is harder that we face
As we are destined to this place

Stoic Poetry

Not Special

Hurry up it is time to grow old
Hurry up before your blood runs cold
Not one of us was ever meant to stay
But I suppose we will all find out one day

So it will never matter if you win first place
We were never built to run it like a race
So many ways show we are all the same
Wasting; waiting for fifteen minutes of fame

Life is not for the faint of heart
I’m not trying to tear anyone apart
But not one of us is all that special
And I’m not trying to sound ineffectual

If you take it down a notch, let me explain
That on this earth we are all the same
Filled with pride, and we’re condescending
I won’t hold my breath for some happy ending

Stoic Poetry


Out of the black, into blue
Feel the rain as we move into
Blackened skies, where we roam
Bending trees and lifting stones

Take a bow, take the leap
Collide upon the growing heap
Chaos rises as we near
Soon no sounds are left to hear

Out of the blue, into the black
See the stars beyond the crack
Rising see no one is alone
Above the trees and ashen bones

Stoic Poetry

Too Much

Too much is never enough
When all is said and done
We never see the connection
Some weak, others strong

Stabbing silence tells the tale
Of something missing; lost
A void never to be filled
We never see the true cost

Stoic Poetry


It was a place of Magik
A place we came from
Before we understood
When we had only begun

Before once upon a time
Became the here and now
Where boundaries abound
Through this life we plow

Innocence once reigned
But it is taken from us
By what they teach
With greed and lust

Many things lost forever
Never to be regained
Staring at a starry sky
From the little that remains

Stoic Poetry


Days tick by
As I wonder why
I was placed
Upon this coil

Is there a reason
Something I missed
Or is it random
For which we toil

Where is the point
We understand
Or is there none
Wither and spoil

Sparing and sharing
Passing the time
Ticking, wasting
On this endless coil

Stoic Poetry

So Much

I own very little
Yet I have so much
Walls to stay warm
Amidst the storm

Breathing every morning
Is the gift of all gifts
And when I am hungry
There is food to feed me

Shiny baubles have faded
Into the tarnish of time
I never have missed them
What I had back when

Stoic Poetry