A Feeling

The feeling something is missing
That last turn along the road
The hesitation and yearning
Memories of the stories told

Feeling destined for other things
Yet no idea what they are
So you question everything
Before you have gone too far

Exactly where you find yourself
Is where you are meant to be
Becoming aware, then to know
There never was a path to see

Stoic Poetry


The Way

Do you know the way?
No, I am as lost as you
Do you have a map?
Just the one that I drew

We can travel a while
To see where it leads
The company is nice
We can plant some seeds

Take my hand for a while
Watching as the sun sets
There is not much to say
I am glad that we have met

Stoic Poetry

Are We Alright

Would you trade this life for another?
For shadows that lead away
Leaving behind only echoes
A past of painful truths

Will you forge a new pathway?
Built on lessons learned
Stories that are over now
Chapters written and done
But the book is incomplete

There are pages still blank
Waiting for a hand to touch
Words are left unwritten
Much left undone, so much

Stoic Poetry

High Score

There are no losers
And there is no score
There are no medals
For those who have more

Everyone gets a ribbon
Because we are the same
For waking up every day
For playing this game

The dash for the finish line
Is really just a fools race
Trying to beat the rest
Better to set your own pace

Stoic Poetry

Would You

Would you shine a little brighter
Climb a little bit higher
Tell me would you shine for me
Would you hope a little bit longer

Sing a little bit louder
Tell me would you shine for me
If one day you’re awake to see
The colours fade from the trees

I hope you find a brush
Paint a road back to me
And if one day you’re afraid to fight
Among the weak and helpless cries

I will be by your side

Stoic Poetry

The Deal

“Listen to me”
“Pay me and I will tell you
Something no one else can
Sign here please”

Only words without meaning 
Promisingly tempting 

There is no buying Truth
No contract for Awareness
We already know
But forgot

The “Path” is not hidden
Just so close we can’t see
It is not out there
It is in here

Stoic Poetry


The paths I have trodden, decisions I have made
roads often barely travelled, unmarked and vague 
loves often known, not always given nor received
following my heart, in what I believed

Shattered dreams and victories, have all been known
throughout the years, the man has truly grown
yet a small boy remains on the path, unchanged
until nothing but a fading memory remains

Stoic Poetry

Elemental (Water)

As the fire fades, clarity surprises
The past examined, painfully
For what useful purpose?
Extinguished, only steam rises

Amends attempted, never given
A life of regret, a bitter commodity
Never convincing, nor sold
The growing want of being forgiven

Some remain, to still pierce
They try to explain the futility
Try to show a path out of this
But the fire smoulders still

The earth calls, wind grows scarce

Stoic Poetry

Eyes Wide Shut

To awaken is the goal
Another in a list
To do’s ticked off
One by one we move
Towards an end, the end

“We,” we say, meaning me
The obstacle grows
“Forget you,”
“I am on a path”
“I am right, you are lost”

And the arrogance remains
No one wants truth
Only their own, personal
Yet one remains ignorant
Not in joy, nor bliss
As we wish

Crushing Truth; as is
Not wrapped in a bow 
Raw, primal, obliterating 
No return ticket given
And no path back

Words are cheaper by the dozen
Truth has no need
Open eyes never forget
And will never ask
“Are we there yet?”

Stoic Poetry