Wants And Needs

For some they are the same
Never noticing the lines
Between wanted things
And needs sometimes

Want; usually a sign of greed
Trying to convince ourselves
But true need is different
Placing wants on a shelf

Holding food above hunger
Warmth against the cold
Valuing need over luxury
Stories we have been told

Many never know the comfort
That excess seems to bring
Having walls and a roof
Living without the extra things

Stoic Poetry


Sing Something New

Answers known all along
But we all fall down
Yet never the wiser than before
If you fall I will meet you on the ground

Swallow me under
Pull me apart, again
I am trying to forget
A song I once sang

Sing in whispers
No one can hear
I will make the notes
Only you can hear

Stoic Poetry

The Wave

Ride the pain
Waves they come and go
On the crest
Hoping to never see again

Under the curl
Accepting the slide for now
Enjoying the ride
Knowing everything unfurls

Crashing down
Pushed under by pressure
Striving to rise
In darkness without a sound

Stoic Poetry

Side Of The Road

No time is nowhere to go
In these times of conflict
When sleep is elusive
In a world fallen sick

Memories of good old days
I never asleep for too long
Days that never were
Where we never belonged

With eyes wide open
Sitting and pondering
By the edge of the road
Shaking and wondering

Stoic Poetry


Unknown victims abound
Writhing, crying on the ground
Trying to arise and breathe
Sobbing without a sound
A prison they have found
Alone they fight for relief
Invisible walls they pound
Many before have drowned
Struggling up from beneath

Stoic Poetry

Beautiful Web

Let this poison within me end
I fear its course has been run
So far gone, too weak to defend
This damage may not be undone

Entered with little forethought
Not knowing what was at stake
Now In this web I am caught
For beauty and pleasures sake

If in time I still survive
These pieces put back as one
Never again will I strive
For webs that may be spun

Stoic Poetry

The Lowly One

I am the lowly one
Lowest of the low 
Having very little
And needing even less

Holding to a greater good
All others come and go
Content in simplicity 
Trying my very best 

Am I the lowly one?
Maybe it is so
What I never had
I likely never guessed 

Stoic Poetry

Fall The Night

Fall the night upon me darkly
Naked born this journey embark
Of friend or foe as yet unknown
Time will tell in deeds be shown

In shadow times when virtue fades
Within a soul love does degrade
All around in greed and pain
A girded heart with taut refrain

Fall the night upon me darkly
Tend this weak eternal spark
Battle scarred and scarlet stain
Upon this hallowed ground remain

Stoic Poetry

The Archer

Tension taut on fingers, drawn to face
Eyes ahead, judging time and space
A life in the balance, measured and weighed
A breath no longer, will be taken this day

Smooth release, as fingers relax
Shaft accelerates, flash in time, looking back
Heart of antiquity, a soul of eternal light
Air through feathers, guided by ancestral sight

One single shot, in this senseless time
Remembered connections, awaken to find
That which once was, will always be
The flight of an arrow, released and free

As another dead tree stump falls
When a past skill meets a modern call

Stoic Poetry