Stand Alone

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
stand alone without a word
forces push from all around
yet stand so strong and proud

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
on your branches not a single bird
but you do not make a sound
as winter spreads her shroud

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
your message I have heard
spring will come and sun abound
and again life shall sing aloud

Stoic Poetry


The Stoic

Moving through life on an even keel
Those around him think he cannot feel
They feel he is cold ,and aloof as well
But in truth he responds to what is truly real

Fear is an emotion we all must face
But he knows there is a time and place
If it hasn’t happened yet then why kneel
When it is time, he will face it with grace

Feeling, and showing, are two different things
Acting in faith is a strength, with all it brings
No being ruled by emotion can be a noble act
Instilling confidence in others as hope springs

Stoic Poetry

Marcus Aurelius

Stoic of heart 
Sharpness of mind 
Understanding the world 
Of his time

Time marches on
But some things don’t change 
A heart that is true 
In the face of the game

On battle fields he wrote 
All of his thoughts
And to this day
Teaching the words he wrought 

Stoic Poetry


Autumn for a leaf
falling to the earth
it does not complain
or struggle to remain

Life by design, as it was
never regretting it’s loss
falling in a blaze of glory
returning in the spring

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Stoic Poetry

Rainy Afternoon

(For my wife Maggie.)

Nowhere to go 
And nothing to do
The rain is falling softly 
I will stay with you
If you want me to

Sit here beside me
So we both can see
The rainbow in the mist
I ordered it for you
The least I could do

I have said it before
It is you that I adore
Never mind, I love you
I did then and still
And I always will

Stoic Poetry

Dream Forge

Glowing embers in my dreams
Forge bellows drive the fire
Enflame the very soul of me
A Stoic heart that I desire

To the anvil and shape it well
Hammer falls in shards of steel
Leave me just a little space
Enough room that I may feel

Stoic Poetry


Worlds open in vibrant flashes
mind and soul bombarded by beauty
imagery splashed across mindscapes
broad strokes of the insane artist
wielding his weapon
as the poet battles with his pen

Beauty and devastation
life peeled from unyielding corpse
of times past
ravaged and raped by demons 
who once defiled and devoured
one too young and fragile
for such revenge

A world unwelcome, always undeterred
the inside not as inviting from the outside
looking from the other side
belonging to neither

Stoic Poetry


This moment is as it should be
as it must be, it can be no other

Perfection in purity
unborn potential and gone

Past moments, spent, may have led here
blind to the now, not yet reality

As now is  blind to the next
then unknown, unborn

No striving, abide
every moment as it is

As it must be

Stoic/Dzogchen Poetry

Complete Within

The outward face remains
Unchanged, appearances
Stoic walls, house of stone
Assumed, inhabited by the same

Within, the vision, perfection
Priceless solitude, compassion
Purest clarity, beyond senses
Inherent truth in an illusory world

Stoic Poetry

The Veil

On decrepit pathways hobbling
Life’s soul’s, a wash of grayscale

Dark wings in shadows sing
By design the spirit to impale

Artist’s palette of  black and white
Bright hues in daylight pale

Adrift in oceans of raven’s night
Accursed walk beyond the veil

Stoic Poetry