Soft Silence

Life dwells in the still silence
between the drama, need, and want
in still moments, beyond the words
the ceaseless words, silence will haunt

Words that deceive, unseen motives
without truth, always taking their toll
rest now; silence guide me home
where love lives, without cost to my soul

Stoic Poetry


Stop The World

If I could but turn a knob
Turn down a world gotten loud
Thoughts derailed; wreckage

The text intruder chirping
Vibrating with delight
Caressed in your hand

I would rather hold yours
I remember when once
A time before the noise

When pages were turned
Friends were real; near
Not a number on a screen

Still I type, reluctantly
Always first with this pen
As the thoughts flow to the page.

Stoic Poetry


Volumes of notes and journals 
Diaries left across the world
Cryptic verses and prose
Splinters of a broken man

Purging the disease of time
Tucked into hidden places 
And forgotten bookcases
Cyphers to be cracked

I wish life were simple 
But once the veil is parted
There is no forgetting 
No ever going back

You bleed to feel alive
When everything you are
Is just everything you did
At least you have never hid

Stoic Poetry


Petty lives became more so
In the plan they struggled
Without others to see them
Forced to see themselves 

Needing the reflection 
There was much confusion 
As validation failed
We are only ourselves

The quietness fell softly 
No choices to be made
In isolation, in the calm
The was no one to blame

As the cloud was lifted
Remembrance remained
Old ways were pondered
Never to be the same.

Stoic Poetry

In Silence

In silence you remained the boy
Unchanged innocence and wonder
Unaware, each of the other
Me full of noise, running out of time

You’re wondering, where did I go?
Days of climbing trees 
Sticklebacks in the creek
Cut knees and laughter, carefree

The moment, the precious moment
Far from the noise of the world
Forgotten for so long now
Buried in the grave where joy smothers

Under workloads and deadlines
Fill the gaps, so afraid of the silence 
In the quietest of times
I sometimes still hear your cries

Stoic Poetry

Final Toll

In darks quiet comfort I will sleep
My thoughts to wander, mine to keep
An eternity of solace as lovers weep
Forgotten in time, memories may seep

Toil of the long day’s work is done
A pound of flesh paid to everyone
One last time to lie down alone
The final debt will come due anon

Stoic Poetry

Between The Minutes

Between the minutes lies the calm
The quiet and peace
Time stretched, revered, relished
Dwell here as long as possible

Function in time but live in the gaps
Eventually the spaces become longer
As the minutes grow short
Until only silence remains

As in time our time ends.

Stoic Poetry