When Words Cease

Something is different
Something has changed
Realization; the quiet
No thought or rabble
A clarity so perfect
Nothing to be rearranged

Once it is noticed
It seems to fade away
Nothing to be held
Nothing to be sought
A background to all
No one to see anyway

Stoic Poetry


Can we just sit here quietly
Without the constant noise
Listen to the singing birds
Pass this day more lightly

Peace of mind is in pieces
Shards broken and cracked
Taped together they distort
But they still shine brightly

Stoic Poetry

Soft Silence

Life dwells in the still silence
between the drama, need, and want
in still moments, beyond the words
the ceaseless words, silence will haunt

Words that deceive, unseen motives
without truth, always taking their toll
rest now; silence guide me home
where love lives, without cost to my soul

Stoic Poetry


Stop The World

If I could but turn a knob
Turn down a world gotten loud
Thoughts derailed; wreckage

The text intruder chirping
Vibrating with delight
Caressed in your hand

I would rather hold yours
I remember when once
A time before the noise

When pages were turned
Friends were real; near
Not a number on a screen

Still I type, reluctantly
Always first with this pen
As the thoughts flow to the page.

Stoic Poetry


Volumes of notes and journals 
Diaries left across the world
Cryptic verses and prose
Splinters of a broken man

Purging the disease of time
Tucked into hidden places 
And forgotten bookcases
Cyphers to be cracked

I wish life were simple 
But once the veil is parted
There is no forgetting 
No ever going back

You bleed to feel alive
When everything you are
Is just everything you did
At least you have never hid

Stoic Poetry