For You

Above this noise and confusion
I will awaken from this dream
Of a past I cannot remember
Wanting to see beyond this illusion

I would bring down Armageddon
For you, I would battle the Devil
If it would bring you love and joy
I’ll hold you when your eyes redden

Stoic Poetry

Your Ghost

When my time is at an end
My sole request is that I spend
Time to atone for what I’ve done
And return to Earth as a better one

I have no fear of tomorrow
Afraid this time we borrow
I don’t mind the darkness
Laid bare in its starkness

I saw the ghost of you
You told me love was true
You said don’t ever cry
I am right here by your side

Stoic Poetry

Once In A While

Once in a while
I let my mind run free
Not too often
As it tends to want to flee

Once loose it begins
here and there
and loves to spin
it really doesn’t care

Stories are what it loves
and the words are free
as it spits and growls
and I write what is given to me

Stoic Poetry

Another Chance

In dawn there is a chance
There is hope
The sins of yesterday put to rest
Left in the past

A day where everything can change
If we let it
Forgiveness and love is all it takes
Let it go

For we will never pass this way again
Here and gone
We have potential one more time
Waste it not

Stoic Poetry


I was taken by surprise
Taken back to simpler times
When we all had a place
Now in every precious moment
I can feel the empty spaces

They say it’s gonna be okay
We don’t have to fear the rain anymore
I don’t think it’s an accident
That tears are shaped like seeds

I’ll bury all my fears in the world
And trust they’re turning into trees,
I will keep on fighting to believe
This is not the end of the story.

Stoic Poetry

Going Under

Ive been drowning in my mind
And I can hardly breathe
Trending water like a child in need
Why am I being left to drift here
To work it out alone

I don’t wanna grow up this fast on my own
And I know I’ve been messing up lately
Living on no sleep, barely alive
I’m covered in chaos, waking up nightly

Fading deeper losing, hold of control
But I’ve been kept straight by your hand
Now I’m burning up from the inside
Starting fires never to be put out

Stoic Poetry


In smiles lost along the way
there is sadness
of joy once known
almost remembered today

Shining brilliant in that moment
only then to fade
saved for a rainy day
moth eaten tatters to lament

Thread bare memories of a past
beyond patching
a twinge of regret
with nothing meant to last

Stoic Poetry

The Stoic

The cold of winter and ceaseless rain
Come powerless against him: the Stoic heart
Of the fierce summer sun or racking pain

To bend this iron frame standing apart
Unspoiled by public feast and jollity:
Patient, unwearied night and day he bears

Stoic Poetry


Harbinger of mercy; grace not my path
That I would live in truth, without measure
Divested of deceit, unveiled in knowing
Harbinger of mercy, steadfastly refrain

That I should know, that which is naked and raw
Pain as pain, joy unbound
Harbinger of mercy, stay fast thy hand
That I might accept, all things untouched
Multiplicity as stolid singularity

Stoic Poetry