Broken Sometimes

Blood flows freely, an opened vein,
As dandelions play, and songbirds dance,
Sunny days do nothing to stem the flow,
Across fields of green, among cleansing streams

When there never was a chance,
Blood must flow, the sun must rise,
If ever again to open these eyes,
In fields of green, and cleansing streams

Stoic Poetry

Ashes Of Eden

We all fall, one by one
Time spent, and spent
And we are done
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Lives that we treasured
Passed, as we all must

Treading others, dark to dark
Never caring for the cost
Yet all deeds bear a mark
Sometimes a word, one to one
Passes to another
And finally see, done is done

Stoic Poetry


I miss,
cities I have never visited
the books I have never read
the words I have never spoken
the tears I have never shed

I crave,
the attention I never got
the thoughts I never had
the smiles I never shared
the person I never was

Stoic Poetry


Protect me from the trials at night
When darkness veils daylights sight
A soul laid bare without the light
Barren fields, where we take up the fight

When morning comes and I will see
What the demons have made of me
So does my soul still remain free
Or what have I been destined to be

Stoic Poetry


I spoke without a breath
It echoed all the ones I laid to rest
I pulled out every knot
And quietly abandoned what I sought

They grow from empty seeds
Their roots take hold of me
Sink beneath my nails
A whisper that impales

I move from silent scenes
Cutting out the rivers at the seams
I purge this aching well
As the water fills the place I dwell

Stoic Poetry