Near Dawn

When all around has turned to grey,
Past the sunrise to spend at play.
I but a little boy, and went my way,
Eyes of amber still enclosed in day.

Black secrets buried within my dream,
Into the glad day and the freckled night.
Beneath the sun in gold tinted beam,
Always the one who sought the light.

Stoic Poetry


Within Darkest Days

In a world where darkness reigns,
And shadows cloak the truth,
It’s easy to get lost in doubt,
And despair can take hold of youth.

But if you search with open eyes,
And let your heart guide your way,
You’ll find a glimmer in the dark,
A light that’s there to stay.

For truth is not a fleeting thing,
It lingers in the air,
If you’re willing to believe,
And willing to dare.

Step out into the great unknown,
And trust in what you find,
For in the heart of every darkness,
A diamond always shines.

So don’t give up on finding truth,
And don’t let fear take hold,
For when you seek with all your might,
The world will soon unfold.

Stoic Poetry

Silence Falls

Snow falls in darkening mist
A tranquil scene that can’t be missed
The world is hushed, a peaceful bliss
As winter’s chill we can’t dismiss

A gentle touch upon the earth
Soft white flakes that give birth
To a wondrous sight, of lasting worth
As nature’s beauty fills the hearth

The wind’s whisper carries through
A lullaby so calming and true
As magic sparkles round and through
This land of dreams now made anew

The night is silent, no sound at all
Save for the snow’s soft, gentle call
A veil of mystery, a winter’s shawl
Blanketing the earth, one and all

Let your soul be touched with wonder
As you watch the snowfall’s thunder
In peaceful serenity, let your heart ponder
On this moment so perfect and pure asunder.

Stoic Poetry


As I traverse this wondrous path of life,
The road before me twists and turns, unknown.
My heart is ever eager for the strife,
And sets out on this quest, untraveled, alone.

Each day presents fresh challenges to face,
And choices that I must constantly make,
But somewhere on this winding, perilous chase,
I’ll find the truth, for truth is mine to take.

And though at times the shadows might encroach,
And the weight of doubt can be hard to bear,
My spirits buoyed by wonders to approach,
By promises of joys beyond compare.

And so I travel on, from sea to shore,
Through good times and the bad, forevermore.

Stoic Poetry

Ordinary Lives

We tell our friends we try
In our ordinary lives
I have been waiting for so long
But there are no tears to cry

Into the wild we pray that we awake
Cloaked oblivion keeps us greatful
Just maybe this one is our time
Or do we accept the truth that we take

Stoic Poetry

Doing Alright

Chasing shadows that lead our way
The frail, the bruised who start anew
Running blind in their hearts
Lost ones fighting for what is true

You play the fool, the painful truth
Neither light nor dark, only in gray
Told through you, with flickering eyes
Am I somehow being unkind in this way?

The painful truth is told through you
Until the day we all fall into line
Do we run or do we stay and fight?
As shadows tell us we will be just fine

Stoic Poetry

Wake Up

A sudden glitch as I fell asleep
Into a world I was airborne
Beginning to fall to the ground
In the midst of a raging storm

Knowing I will be just fine
Riding winds, wings spread
Rising to dance on clouds
No fear of what lies ahead

Stoic Poetry

A Feeling

The feeling something is missing
That last turn along the road
The hesitation and yearning
Memories of the stories told

Feeling destined for other things
Yet no idea what they are
So you question everything
Before you have gone too far

Exactly where you find yourself
Is where you are meant to be
Becoming aware, then to know
There never was a path to see

Stoic Poetry


Seeing the ‘samenees’
Reluctant to repeat
Maybe it’s just another day
But can it be lived
In a very different way?

Small changes in habits
Shaking up the routine
A breath of fresh air
Gives life to possibility
Others in a rut don’t care

One day of differences
Breaking chains, the mundane
A day unlike all others
Beginnings of something new
A day filled with wonders

Stoic Poetry