Days Go By

One day followed the next,
And this life went on,
Endings became beginnings,
Times to be reflected upon.

Nothing was ever truly lost,
But everything had changed,
Each day was being built upon;
Shards to be rearranged.

In time, all will be complete,
Even pieces that never fit,
In this disorder of things,
In this fire that has been lit.

Stoic Poetry


Take A Stand

When truth parts the draped veil
Combing the daylight for signs
Marketing another year for sale
Waiting to sign on the dotted line

Standing the ground, a last stand
Long life bent the broken man
Came the fire to break my hand,
They’ll get you in the end if they can.

Stoic Poetry

Distant Skies

Walk with light in a darkening world,
Day’s sorrow with her secret smile.
Looking up to the blush of the sunshine,
Open up my dimmed eyes as I walk a mile.

Wearily they looked, without a care,
Youth’s early smile born of ripening fruit.
Wield their dark boughs to the virgin air,
Life grown of cruel moments near its root.

Gazing upon it with an anxious sigh,
Read the blue heavens with naked eyes.
The homage to men, each sun must die,
To smile, in the light of distant skies.

Stoic Poetry

The Dance

Freshest rain defines the day,
Blue as a bedroom to the dawn,
Wild for the way, the slender ray,
Yet never this light could be gone.

She said full of feelings and grace,
“The moon is just a black sky valley,”
Struck as by a hard hand on my face;
“Why do we wait so and dally.”

Swift as a stroke against the sky,
When I was young. I had the chance,
The leaves were spent with all replies,
Finding the last place to break its trance.

Stoic Poetry

Wake Up

A sudden glitch as I fell asleep
Into a world I was airborne
Beginning to fall to the ground
In the midst of a raging storm

Knowing I will be just fine
Riding winds, wings spread
Rising to dance on clouds
No fear of what lies ahead

Stoic Poetry

A Feeling

The feeling something is missing
That last turn along the road
The hesitation and yearning
Memories of the stories told

Feeling destined for other things
Yet no idea what they are
So you question everything
Before you have gone too far

Exactly where you find yourself
Is where you are meant to be
Becoming aware, then to know
There never was a path to see

Stoic Poetry


Seeing the ‘samenees’
Reluctant to repeat
Maybe it’s just another day
But can it be lived
In a very different way?

Small changes in habits
Shaking up the routine
A breath of fresh air
Gives life to possibility
Others in a rut don’t care

One day of differences
Breaking chains, the mundane
A day unlike all others
Beginnings of something new
A day filled with wonders

Stoic Poetry

See The Reality

Through filtered glasses
Seeing what we want
What we wish to see

Illusion is better than the truth
Lying to ourselves
Believing it was meant to be

Comparing scars has become
The game we play in life
But nothing remains to feel

Stoic Poetry

Whispers Upon The Wind

The softest voice
Brings a smile to my face
Secrets are shared
In this holiest place

Boughs creak and sway
Reaching out to me
Listening to what they say
Whispers of what will be

We talk of seasons past
Of those yet to come
Of things that will last
And where we are from

But the day grows long
So I must take my leave
While they whisper a song
To the story they weave

Stoic Poetry