Whispers Upon The Wind

The softest voice
Brings a smile to my face
Secrets are shared
In this holiest place

Boughs creak and sway
Reaching out to me
Listening to what they say
Whispers of what will be

We talk of seasons past
Of those yet to come
Of things that will last
And where we are from

But the day grows long
So I must take my leave
While they whisper a song
To the story they weave

Stoic Poetry


First Snow

The first snow of winter falls
Beyond these frosted panes
Feather dust upon the grass
As no season is meant to last

Soon a blanket of winter down
Will spread its wings around
While spring slumbers below
Waiting beneath the fallen snow

Stoic Poetry


The flowers have all gone
Most of the leaves as well
But change is for the best
A new story nature will tell

The crunch underfoot
Still can make me smile
Along quiet forest trails
For mile after mile

Soon snowy blankets
Will cover the land
From hilltop to valley
Walking hand in hand

Stoic Poetry

So Ordinary

Leaves are fading
So ordinary
Another year is gone
Watching the hours
Watching the colors change
So ordinary

This place is all I know
So ordinary
Show me the magic
Beyond this day
Something to reach for
Not so ordinary

Stoic Poetry

Stand Alone

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
stand alone without a word
forces push from all around
yet stand so strong and proud

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
on your branches not a single bird
but you do not make a sound
as winter spreads her shroud

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
your message I have heard
spring will come and sun abound
and again life shall sing aloud

Stoic Poetry

Twilight Serenade

The ghost of summer fades
Lost butterfly on failing wings
Fly your last in the cold chill air
Fading as if you were never there

A path that is so erratic
Yet you try to find your way
So much like everyone else
Looking for the way ourselves

Stoic Poetry