Side Of The Road

No time is nowhere to go
In these times of conflict
When sleep is elusive
In a world fallen sick

Memories of good old days
I never asleep for too long
Days that never were
Where we never belonged

With eyes wide open
Sitting and pondering
By the edge of the road
Shaking and wondering

Stoic Poetry


The Deal

“Listen to me”
“Pay me and I will tell you
Something no one else can
Sign here please”

Only words without meaning 
Promisingly tempting 

There is no buying Truth
No contract for Awareness
We already know
But forgot

The “Path” is not hidden
Just so close we can’t see
It is not out there
It is in here

Stoic Poetry

At What Price?

In shallow baubles some find recourse
for a time
a sense of emptiness to be filled
the void
too many on the precipice
as the piper plays on

Following was never the only choice
lambs led
unless the heart forges ahead
then I search, eyes wide open
the drumbeat is my own

Few ever learn to truly find reality
less seek
blindness seems to be the norm
treasure lost 
yet the rewards are boundless
and never truly gone

Stoic Poetry

Here’s The Thing

Peace is, of itself, never sought nor found

Not the peace of politicians, nor the seekers

Never to be contained, boundless beyond time

Unborn, unformulated, no thought nor reason 

All the weight of the earth and everything upon it 

It is this, and much more than the heavens beyond 

The search; ah, the search, from a lost memory

The dreams of man must cease for peace to be

Stoic Poetry

Quiet Solace

Chasing, desperately grasping
A sense of lacking, all pervading
Happiness, something to be lived up to
Sought after, wrestled to the ground

Looking outward, searching, elsewhere
Waiting for the, “someday,” this present we bear
Plan, wish and hope it may find us
As if it were something to be found

Battered and worn, fallen again
Wearied and broken in sorrowful pain
Rest gently now, within the silence
What was never lost may now abound

Stoic Poetry

The Price

In shallow baubles some find recourse
for a time
a sense of emptiness to be filled
the void
too many are on the precipice
as the piper plays on.

Following was never the only choice
unless the heart leads
then I follow with eyes wide open
the drum beat is my own.

Very few ever learn to see,
even less seek
the greatest treasures
have no price
yet the rewards are boundless.

Stoic Poetry

Grey Skies

Sailing into a grey sky morning
Seeking light above clouds
Running away to find life
Escaping what became boring

It could be worse than this
To stay and never know
Spreading wings to go
Searching for a perfect kiss

But it’s not so bad, or sad
When love is to be found
Beyond grey sky mornings
The best I ever had

Stoic Poetry

Unmarked Path

Alone with thoughts 
Beyond the road
Where dawn sings 
Where birds shine

Bowing arboretum 
Rustling a welcome
Where one is all
Where all are one

No signs in sight
To point the way
Where dawn sings
Where birds shine

Stoic Poetry