The Verge Of Sanity

Some might say it is a break
Others may call it a boundary
One we are forbidden to cross

Between the ‘normal’ world
To a place filled with unknowns
Where sanity is free to roam

Once it has been experienced
There is little reason to return
Not knowing the side or the loss

Stoic Poetry



Can you hear the drums beating?
The low rumbling has just begun
Can you see the beginnings again
Struggles where no one has won

Nihilistic overlords willing to risk
That which was never their own
Gambling the lives of the others
Tight death grip on their throne

Costs will be paid, innocent blood
Will be spilled without any reason
They will claim a personal victory
For all of their unwilling legions

Stoic Poetry

The Parade

They tell you you’re going to be okay
they tell you they will keep you safe
everybody’s here to stay
those who lost their way

I can’t remember the times I lost my mind
when nobody knew my name
now you must be blind
the half of it, I am being kind

And, my sanity is called into question
but I really don’t mind too much
my world is mine alone
and to me already known

Stoic Poetry


Where have all my memories gone
I think I’ve used them all
And these ones are not the same 
They aren’t mine, and I’m not to blame 

Day by day they stalk me, haunt me
Forcing me to see what they see 
Am I in my life, or that of another?
currents of this world trying to smother

The surface is so far above me now
Fighting for air, pushing me down
“Get out of my head, leave me alone”
These are not the seeds I have sown

Stoic Poetry


Time is never time at all
you can never really leave

And our lives are forever changed
they will never be the same

The more you change the less you feel
if you can only believe, just believe

None of us are ever, ever, stuck in vain
we’re not the same, we’re different

And you know you’re never sure,
but I’m sure you could be right

If you held yourself up to the light

In that city you call home
the place where you were born

And if you believe, you can’t be right.

Stoic Poetry


A soul too beautiful for this world
Of starry nights and unrequited love

Speak in colours beyond mortal words
A glimpse, a gift imbued from above

Brushed aside, his strokes revealed
A heart beyond what we could feel

By his own hand he made his choice
When to a deaf ear his words repealed

Beyond his time we can finally see
Beauty and love as it was meant to be

Stoic Poetry


(Is overrated)

I’ve been asleep for so long
But I still can’t find my sanity
I’ve lost my mind again
And found out who I am

Can’t fall asleep anymore
My demons feed me
It’s their house not my home
When did I lose it all

Where has my memory gone
I thought I had at least some
But it all went away
Keeping up with the stories

Stoic Poetry

The Quay

The quay is quiet today
North winds bluster on
But no one is listening         
Chattering deafeningly

Worn woollen overcoat
Pulled snuggly around
Old brim hat held down
Leaning, the sky breathes
Only steps from the edge

Soft whispers on the wind
“Come join us; closer,”
North Sea Siren’s calling
Crouch against the wind
Blustering, pushing away

Stoic Poetry


Dark moods in which I brood
To find solace and silence 
Reminders of dark and light

One without the other
Belies hidden knowing 
Shades of the same open sight

Dark moods in which I brood
Shine brighter than the sun 
Neither is right nor wrong

Stoic Poetry

Soft Silence

Life dwells in the still silence
between the drama, need, and want
in still moments, beyond the words
the ceaseless words, silence will haunt

Words that deceive, unseen motives
without truth, always taking their toll
rest now; silence guide me home
where love lives, without cost to my soul

Stoic Poetry