I will dive right down for your love
Treading on broken glass and needles
Chest pains that come from breathing
Keeping up with this vertigo feeling

From under my dessicated tight skin
The insects come crawing from within
Now get up, the air is running low
Wait for the light to enflame the glow

What are we here for? Figure it out
What have we done that we are in for?
Who do we bow to, off feet, on our knees
Figure it out fast before it bleeds

Stoic Poetry



Out of the black, into blue
Feel the rain as we move into
Blackened skies, where we roam
Bending trees and lifting stones

Take a bow, take the leap
Collide upon the growing heap
Chaos rises as we near
Soon no sounds are left to hear

Out of the blue, into the black
See the stars beyond the crack
Rising see no one is alone
Above the trees and ashen bones

Stoic Poetry