Morning Routine

4am and the cats want food
Gentle paw strokes bring the light
Coffee is brewing too slow
Excited fur balls around my feet go

On the deck as dawn awakens
Writing a few new daily lines
Blank pages are a favorite thing
The fresh day and what it brings

A world at peace in quiet of sleep
I prayed to God my soul to keep
That others may remain safe
As daylight brings another wave

Stoic Poetry



Can we just sit here quietly
Without the constant noise
Listen to the singing birds
Pass this day more lightly

Peace of mind is in pieces
Shards broken and cracked
Taped together they distort
But they still shine brightly

Stoic Poetry

Some Days

Some days I just want to leave… 
all the negativity behind
Find some peace and quiet
somewhere more unentwined

This world is a noisy place
far too many word’s spoken
And nothing ever being said
as a record that has broken

So I just close my weary eyes
put the headphones on loud
Start writing and never stop
digging furrows never plowed

Stoic Poetry

Rainy Days

Coffee stains and soft refrains 
Tell me to remain
The half full cup is lifted up
To my lips once again

Adrift in notes, aroma floats
Work calls to me in vain
I will stay, hold the clock at bay
To the tune of falling rain

Stoic Poetry