My smile was taken
a long time ago
others still had their’s
why mine had gone
I really did not know

Reflections mocked
this sad sullen frown
staring back at me
laughing with no smile
the saddest boy in town

Once I understood
It was only the past
I learned to let it go
the burden now gone
and could smile at last

Stoic Poetry


The Trap Door

It exists beneath the world we know
A breath away, a shadow ignored 
A reality always living and breathing

Dare to peel back the shallow skin
Discover a door, a forgotten pathway
Down to the foreboding dark within

We all know the hidden ring is there
We go on living pretending we forgot
Keeping our gaze fixed, eyes upward

Always looking ahead to the future
We want, and need, to see success 
Once opened, the passage is one way

The depths of despair become a comfort 
Looking downward gives power, control
From the bottom, an insurmountable climb

Stoic Poetry


Places I have lived
Journals, small scraps
All I have left to give

In empty cupboards
Vacant barren shelves
Gifts to be discovered

Those who venture
Through vacant doors
On a new adventure

The past was never mine
I share stories with you
Some deep, some kind

Stoic Poetry

The Wall

Feral roses in all hue’s
on a broken stone wall
clinging vines of colour
the way that I recall

Summer days at twelve years old
held in times embrace
climb the weeping willow tree
ever the eternal scapegrace

In fields of buttered flowers
for hours I watched the sky
billowed clouds, so many shapes
just because; never asking why

Autumn now fades to winter
lace crystal snowflakes fly
memories held within my heart
left but never saying goodbye

Stoic Poetry


Beginning to finally see clearly
Surface and layers peeling away
Each in turn a memory remembered

Forgotten, now re-emerging fresh and new
Familiar yet somehow changed 
By light tempered through time

Stoic Poetry

Past Lives

What filthy hole did you crawl from?
maggot riddled spawn of past bodies laid to rest
coward, in dreams you slink upon me now
dredging excrement from where I have come.

Demons of pasts refuse to sleep
torment a mind with insatiable force
the dead will just not stay buried
I pray some lord my soul to keep

Stoic Poetry

My Tree

There was a tree
A long time ago 
Where I sat

And I promised 
I would return 
For just that

Worlds and miles
Gone in between 
Now I go

To the beginning
After so long
To sit below

Stoic Poetry


Volumes of notes and journals 
Diaries left across the world
Cryptic verses and prose
Splinters of a broken man

Purging the disease of time
Tucked into hidden places 
And forgotten bookcases
Cyphers to be cracked

I wish life were simple 
But once the veil is parted
There is no forgetting 
No ever going back

You bleed to feel alive
When everything you are
Is just everything you did
At least you have never hid

Stoic Poetry


Hours pass, days, years
Yet I am here
Still here
Always here, apparently

This time, this place
One and the same
Here and now
Always inseparable, apparently

Every memory, a present thought
Future hope, the same
Yet here I remain
Always here and now, apparently

Stoic Poetry