Are We Alright

Would you trade this life for another?
For shadows that lead away
Leaving behind only echoes
A past of painful truths

Will you forge a new pathway?
Built on lessons learned
Stories that are over now
Chapters written and done
But the book is incomplete

There are pages still blank
Waiting for a hand to touch
Words are left unwritten
Much left undone, so much

Stoic Poetry



Please don’t cry,
I’m right here by your side 
I sit here thinking all the words 
I should not, though I try

All my life I’ve been 
travelling through the pieces
of the dark shattered past
putting together a better scene

Surfacing for air
the sun shines on a new day
Head under the waterline
breaking the surface when I dare

Stoic Poetry


Purpose is everything,  
don’t you wake me up
In the morning light
Unless I can face you

Hindsight is everything 
And the regret it brings
Taints the day ahead
Tingeing every thought

Will we all just burn
In the fire of the past
Will we flail the day
Or can we walk away

Stoic Poetry

Battle Scars

Battles have raged  
from a very young age
looking back on days
through the lens of time

Bending to another’s will 
was never my strong suit 
memories may be flawed
battle scars show the rage

No matter who you are
this world leaves scars
most want to forget
they can be buried but,

They will resurface in time
lessons learned never wasted
these marks are all ours
battle scars marking the years

Stoic Poetry


Time is a manmade construct
That doesn’t really exist
It’s just a way to measure
From here to there; that and this

All time is within this moment
The present, past, and future
Only remembered exactly now
And bound with mental suture 

Stoic Poetry


My smile was taken
a long time ago
others still had their’s
why mine had gone
I really did not know

Reflections mocked
this sad sullen frown
staring back at me
laughing with no smile
the saddest boy in town

Once I understood
It was only the past
I learned to let it go
the burden now gone
and could smile at last

Stoic Poetry

The Trap Door

It exists beneath the world we know
A breath away, a shadow ignored 
A reality always living and breathing

Dare to peel back the shallow skin
Discover a door, a forgotten pathway
Down to the foreboding dark within

We all know the hidden ring is there
We go on living pretending we forgot
Keeping our gaze fixed, eyes upward

Always looking ahead to the future
We want, and need, to see success 
Once opened, the passage is one way

The depths of despair become a comfort 
Looking downward gives power, control
From the bottom, an insurmountable climb

Stoic Poetry