Never Gone

Mourning the final loss
Afraid we may yet forget
The passing of another
Caught in memories net

Always there are reminders
Of what has gone before
So we dwell in the sadness
For those beyond the door

They will never return
After that one final day
They would want us to live
In every possible way

Stoic Poetry


Always There

The past often taunts
Trying to breathe once more
But it must remain lifeless
Behind that locked door

It had its moments
As a present now gone
It will not live again
Fading in the coming dawn

We are here only now
No past, no future yet
Stitching life together
With time as the suture

Stoic Poetry


I once had found the answer
Books written without a sound
In a dream it came to me
In the dawn could not be found

Letters moving upon the page
Words no longer made sense
Struggling to recall a phrase
The nighttime I struggle against

Each chance I try to go there
The place where Poetry lives
Only to see that once again
In dreams my words are amiss

Stoic Poetry

A Snapshot In Time

A Snapshot In Time

In an album hidden
Flashes of moments
Opened; pages turned
Often shown unbidden

Windows wiped clean
Not wanting to look
At pictures taped
Begging to be seen

They can be buried
But never remain so
Rising pain to pane
Always to be carried

Stoic Poetry


Where have all my memories gone
I think I’ve used them all
And these ones are not the same 
They aren’t mine, and I’m not to blame 

Day by day they stalk me, haunt me
Forcing me to see what they see 
Am I in my life, or that of another?
currents of this world trying to smother

The surface is so far above me now
Fighting for air, pushing me down
“Get out of my head, leave me alone”
These are not the seeds I have sown

Stoic Poetry

Sleep Now

Nothing left to say
And all I’ve left to do
Is run away from you

She led me on, down
With secrets I can’t keep
Close your eyes and sleep

Don’t wait up for me
Hush now, don’t you speak

All my hurt in you
And took my shelter in that pain
The drug of blame

Is your heart broken
So now I’m all by myself
As I’ve always felt

And I’ll betray my tears
To anyone caught, you fool
One last kiss for me, too

Stoic Poetry


Charm you with a smile
Hurt you as you asked me to
I never wanted to
Much of me is such a part of you

I was such a little boy
In hand me down shoes
What I choose is my choice
What am I supposed to do?

This terror in me is for you
See me smiling at you
Sending you a smile
Not like they left you

Stoic Poetry

Battle Scars

Battles have raged  
from a very young age
looking back on days
through the lens of time

Bending to another’s will 
was never my strong suit 
memories may be flawed
battle scars show the rage

No matter who you are
this world leaves scars
most want to forget
they can be buried but,

They will resurface in time
lessons learned never wasted
these marks are all ours
battle scars marking the years

Stoic Poetry


My smile was taken
a long time ago
others still had their’s
why mine had gone
I really did not know

Reflections mocked
this sad sullen frown
staring back at me
laughing with no smile
the saddest boy in town

Once I understood
It was only the past
I learned to let it go
the burden now gone
and could smile at last

Stoic Poetry