Now you better run,
As the curse begins to fall
You can feel that man coming.

Hear the watchers and the scapegoats,
You’ve been hiding in the rain
With a back cut and music,
You have been bleeding out your pain

But where do you think you can run to when the man is you.

And hold me close, you’ll never see
You’ are the only one who understands
The terrible storm in me.

And I’ll wait for you here,
With silent voice.
God only knows I never wanted you to make this choice.

Well you loathed down in the mire,
Because you didn’t wanna face it.
With a gunslinger’s desire,
You’d rather burn out than save it

Stoic Poetry

Summer Strains

“Boys Of Summer” plays in the background
Old music sparking memories
Decades in the making
Familiar voice, notes and words
Hummed mindlessly to a smile

So many summers have gone now
Hopefully many more still to come
And I will remember the music
Some things linger; music tops the list

Stoic Poetry

If I Forget Me

In my later years
As memory fades
Remind me of you
Between falling tears

When I am here
And you are near
Remind me of me
And calm what I fear

Sit with me a while
And take my hand
When I am alone
As we share a smile

Stoic Poetry

The Least Of Us

I pray into the silence
for the lost and abused
I pray into the shadows
for the broken and used

I pray they never cry
when they are broken
I pray they find a smile
when they are chosen

I pray unto the sky
for the weak and frail
I pray unto the unknown
for all of us in the veil

Stoic Poetry


Rust creeps flake by flake
Slow and unnoticed
No matter how long it takes

Weaken what could not break
That was smooth and strong
No matter the plans we make

Cracks and falls for times sake
Haunt the days that remain
Every moment we are awake

Stoic Poetry

In Wonder

Touching the hem of creations cloak
Gazing deep into the abyss
But never taking a final step

We may understand and finally see
We are being held in the cradle of life
A life lived in a brief dance upon this place

Stoic Poetry


Do you love me?
And why do you?
“Because” is not an answer
So I will say what is true

You took a broken man
Opened a world I had fought
That even one person cared
Restored a heart I had forgot

Language meant little to me
But I tried to learn the words
Always there to help me see
Love blossomed in what I heard

Stoic Poetry