The look is clear upon the faces
Masked, shielded from the world
Protection from words hurled

The illusion becomes the truth
Forgotten is who they were
A stranger trapped in a mirror

Misguided wandering souls
Becoming the roles they play
Becoming more lost every day

Stoic Poetry


The Struggle

The “Look at Me” crowd rails,
Clicks equate to self worth,
Validation now means everything

Without substance, no value
Appearances of a perfect life
Their own praises they sing

In darkness words are written
Words that may be never read
Caring not the fame they bring

The writer pulls from his soul,
Sharing thoughts; his alone
They remain, lyrics no one can sing

Stoic Poetry  

The Greatest Lie Of All

A lifetime of building
Castles upon the sand
Never thinking about
Foundations on which we stand

Illusions of grandeur
We live our day to day
Striving further upwards
Thinking that here we will stay

Creation, born of destruction
As all things must surely fall
Yet we cling to what we know
Living with our back against the wall

Stoic Poetry

Can I Help?

Are there words I can say?
That can help in any way?
Something I can maybe do
In some way to help you?

Please speak your truth
Step down from that roof
There are things that I know
That may help as you grow

We have been where you are
All of us, so near and far
Yet we remain, we still stand
As we took hold of a hand

Stoic Poetry

Into The Deep

From the deep words call out
The charging force of thunder
Echoing through my chest
Pierce my heart, burn my soul

Take firm hold of my core
Grip the very center of me
Connections in the dark void
A fraction of an eternal moment

Light from falling angels
Reflected in dim mirrors
All hidden now lies exposed
Beneath the blazing light

A branch in the narrow path
Beckons change of old ways
Truth whispers upon the wind
And rumbles down the mountain

Stoic Poetry

The Rabbit Hole

Is there a right way for how this goes?
You have your friends, along with foes
Wanting a piece of what you’ve sought
Forgetting your name like they forgot

Some want to see you crash and burn
And they criticize every word you sing
I’m trying to keep from going insane
Isn’t that the way of this whole damn thing

Nobody will hold your hand to guide you through
It has always been up to you to remain true
Nobody can ever truly feel another’s pain
Too often just something else to feign

Today, you should say all you have to say
Is there a right way for being strong?
Still, most are just here barely holding on
Feeling like they’re doing things all wrong

Confess my heart and forgive my wrongs
If not you then who’s left when it has gone?
When all is done, and it’s time to fade away
Don’t point the blame when you can’t find a way

Look at yourself and you might find something
It’s time that we finally get this sorted out
So listen very closely to the sound of your soul
And forget all of the things we complain about

Stoic Poetry

True Eyes

Through mist; shadows walk
Clarity vanished long ago
Flickering screens; tired eyes
Seeing only what they allow

Truth has been discouraged
Eyes forward; silence is golden
Speak only when spoken to
The words they want to hear

True Eyes watch the madness
Actions without consciousness
Repeating all the words of old
Failure then will never work now

Stoic Poetry

Whispers Upon The Wind

The softest voice
Brings a smile to my face
Secrets are shared
In this holiest place

Boughs creak and sway
Reaching out to me
Listening to what they say
Whispers of what will be

We talk of seasons past
Of those yet to come
Of things that will last
And where we are from

But the day grows long
So I must take my leave
While they whisper a song
To the story they weave

Stoic Poetry