Some Days

Some days are perfect
In all their imperfection
Being what is meant to be
Flowing without direction

Riding on the ripples
No resistance at all
Riding where it takes us
Just heeding life’s call

Living is in the balance
Becoming, as we make it
Always having the choice
Flames to snuff or keep lit

Stoic Poetry



Rainbow glitter
Through morning frost
Colors given
Without a cost

Sing of creation
Amongst the pale
For those with eyes
Nature will regale

Some are blind
Others will choose
The little things
While others refuse

Stoic Poetry

Last Chance

Everyone hopes to be loved
What can I say to that?
But the door to a heart is open and shut
Like the warmth of your breath

Everyone hopes to be heard
But sometimes get caught in the noise
Oh, what I’d give, how far I’d search
Just to hear your voice

If this was our last dance
I’d wait in the rain
Just to see your face

If this was our last chance
I’d ask you to stay
For one last dance

Stoic Poetry

For The Birds

Twitter and tweet 
The sounds of dawn 
Soon the sun will caress 
Sallow cheeks of chalk
Skin and sun will meet

What to do with the day
Not a darned thing I think
I have earned this rest
Maybe move a chair outside
And just soak in the rays

Stoic Poetry


The world  is full of wondrous hope
If only we could see it and touch it
Kindness that can create and heal
Gives life, and helps another feel

I lost my mind and found out who I am
If I were to say the words on my mind
Would it change anything at all?
I have grown up and I found out
How to feel, and what life is about

Stoic Poetry


The crack of dawn is my favourite time
The  day in front and the night behind
The world is asleep and and I might find
Some poetic words from within my mind

As the Sun comes through the trees
Some simple phrases that might please
And in the morning fresh and bright
I hope to get these words just right

Stoic Poetry

Little One

Little one outside my window
Spring is not yet here
Snow still falls upon your head
Please don’t disappear 

Little robin sitting watching me
Soon it will be spring
The world will soon come alive
Then I will hear you sing

Stoic Poetry

Small Village (Kleines Dorf)

Original photo by S.Allen

Frosty dawn bites hard on skin
Glistening trees shred the light
My favourite pen feels so heavy
Ink thick ,slow, as I try to write

This small Austrian town is quiet
Sleeping; in a world I am bound
Fresh words form on empty pages 
Noisy poems inked without sound

Stoic Poetry

Summer Daze

Sweet blooms and colour, hot sun overhead
Face turned skyward, embrace nature’s gift
Long days of bounty, since winter has fled 
Heedless, careless, forgetful of winters rift

No thought of seasons beyond a perfect day
No one telling us of things that must be done 
Time without bearing, holds cold days at bay                                                        
Too late now we realise, summer is undone

Stoic Poetry