The Verge Of Sanity

Some might say it is a break
Others may call it a boundary
One we are forbidden to cross

Between the ‘normal’ world
To a place filled with unknowns
Where sanity is free to roam

Once it has been experienced
There is little reason to return
Not knowing the side or the loss

Stoic Poetry


True Eyes

Through mist; shadows walk
Clarity vanished long ago
Flickering screens; tired eyes
Seeing only what they allow

Truth has been discouraged
Eyes forward; silence is golden
Speak only when spoken to
The words they want to hear

True Eyes watch the madness
Actions without consciousness
Repeating all the words of old
Failure then will never work now

Stoic Poetry


Betrayed desires, all the same
But I’m not to blame
Even though I know, I suppose I’ll show
Now I’m naked, just an animal

And what do you want?
I want to change
And what have you got, are you insane?
And I know, I can show you,

Tell me I’m the only one
Tell me there’s no other one
I was an only son.

Stoic Poetry


A soul too beautiful for this world
Of starry nights and unrequited love

Speak in colours beyond mortal words
A glimpse, a gift imbued from above

Brushed aside, his strokes revealed
A heart beyond what we could feel

By his own hand he made his choice
When to a deaf ear his words repealed

Beyond his time we can finally see
Beauty and love as it was meant to be

Stoic Poetry


(Is overrated)

I’ve been asleep for so long
But I still can’t find my sanity
I’ve lost my mind again
And found out who I am

Can’t fall asleep anymore
My demons feed me
It’s their house not my home
When did I lose it all

Where has my memory gone
I thought I had at least some
But it all went away
Keeping up with the stories

Stoic Poetry

Never Forget

We never left kindergarten.
They taught us how to colour
Fridge artwork lovingly hung
Cherished by parents of the young
Embarrassing us in years to come

As I let my sanity slip away, I see
Possibilities, as I used to know
Feeling the colours as the brush strokes
Define a memory, a feeling we coax
Lost in time, I remember the hope

Feel the line and form, it makes no sense
Purple apples, in my world, taste so sweet
Green sky, orange water warming the toes
In my world I see the flaws and so it goes
Making up the rules as we go

Stoic Poetry