Ordinary Lives

We tell our friends we try
In our ordinary lives
I have been waiting for so long
But there are no tears to cry

Into the wild we pray that we awake
Cloaked oblivion keeps us greatful
Just maybe this one is our time
Or do we accept the truth that we take

Stoic Poetry

Wake Up

A sudden glitch as I fell asleep
Into a world I was airborne
Beginning to fall to the ground
In the midst of a raging storm

Knowing I will be just fine
Riding winds, wings spread
Rising to dance on clouds
No fear of what lies ahead

Stoic Poetry

Can I Be?

Can I be the one I was meant to be
True of heart with the clarity to see
Can I stand for everything that’s good
Or will I fall as those who have stood

Can I be strong when weakness calls
Can I be wise when all around chaos falls
Will I choose what I will become
Or will I bend before my time is done

Can I be a light on the darkest night
Can I be everything I thought I might
Time will tell what may be true
But I will always be there for you

Stoic Poetry


Soft Spot

I have one soft spot
One so vulnerable
It is hidden away
Keeping it invisible

It holds my very spark
My one and only key
But only one knows
Knows the creation in me

She tends the glow
And holds the light
Tending so gently
And keeping it bright

In the deepest dreams
She is the only one
Reflected by the moon
Until morning comes

Stoic Poetry

Whisper To Me

When all about is quiet
Without a single sound
I hear the softest whisper
When no one is around

And if I listen closely
I can almost hear the words
Of better days yet to come
The sweetest I ever heard

When the world crashes down
I cling with all my might
Gently I cradle them
To see me through the night

Stoic Poetry

Those Eyes

The eyes around me are so cold
Faded to gray, a dim light inside
Only the flickers of yesterday’s
All hopes and dreams set aside

The weight of broken promises
Weigh heavy on brittle hearts
Locked in never ending loops
Waiting for better days to start

Stoic Poetry

No One

To not exist, alone surrounded
No words allowed
The reprisal too great
Domination without reprieve

No hope, no escape, no chance
Sit in silence
Nod and smile
Before you depart

Stoic Poetry


I’m not afraid of dying
There’s too much to miss in life
But I can’t begin to even imagine
You not by my side

I’m not afraid of tomorrow
Tomorrow, I’m afraid, will change
And if we’re obsessed by counting each hour
What’s left of today?

Stoic Poetry