Among Us

She said tell me again
How giants were among us
With memories reaching back
Before the greed and lust

Tell me of the gentler times
Of peace and understanding
Before the hunger took us
In a world far less demanding

Tell me of the love and grace
Blue skies and fields of green
Of sharing in a simpler life
Or maybe it was just a dream

Stoic Poetry


The In Between

Warm sunlight; streaked glass
Heavy eyes shutter the outside
Drifting into the in between
Day to night times wedding bride

Unborn dreams within the mist
Images form and whispers greet
In this place approaching sleep
Tomorrow’s and today’s meet

Stoic Poetry

In The Woods

In the wishing woods I long to dwell,
Where nature flits and casts her spells.
Amidst the stories the trees tell,
My heart beats faster in the dell.

The woods are a place of sweet respite,
Where I can wander without care,
In the dappled sunlight.
Where there is no struggle nor is there fight,
Between who is wrong and who is right.

The rustling leaves and trickling streams,
A lullaby breaks from earthly dreams.
In this peaceful place, or so it seems,
Wishes become whole as they should have been.

So let me stay in this enchanted glade,
Where troubles die and wanting fades.
Within the wishing woods, I will find my shade,
And forever more may my head be laid.

Stoic Poetry


Darkness’ tendrils fall
Upon chiffons fading light
The twist of dreams
Into the deepening night

When sleep has failed
Within shadowed walls
Where memories creep
Darkness’ tendrils fall

Stoic Poetry

Wake Up

A sudden glitch as I fell asleep
Into a world I was airborne
Beginning to fall to the ground
In the midst of a raging storm

Knowing I will be just fine
Riding winds, wings spread
Rising to dance on clouds
No fear of what lies ahead

Stoic Poetry


I once had found the answer
Books written without a sound
In a dream it came to me
In the dawn could not be found

Letters moving upon the page
Words no longer made sense
Struggling to recall a phrase
The nighttime I struggle against

Each chance I try to go there
The place where Poetry lives
Only to see that once again
In dreams my words are amiss

Stoic Poetry


Can I tell you some stories?
Ones you have never heard
Ones of facts and fiction
I will gladly put into words

All the once upon a times
Tragedies and happy endings
Angels and fiery dragons
The fallen and weak defended

Then the pages are turned
The visage of ancient realms
New ventures to embark upon
Until sleep takes the helm

Stoic Poetry


Under blankets the world feels safe
Those under my bed must lay in wait
While I will stay tucked safe in my bed
With the covers pulled up over my head

Muffled screams I may sometimes hear
I never never go looking but shake in fear
Till daylight breaks through my window
I never ask where the demons go

Stoic Poetry