Welcome To The Edge

This is where it all comes down
The pressure rises in my veins
Where everything is real
Where everything is beautiful

Would you say everything is alright
Would you trade this life?
A random roll to lock it in
Light or dark bleak or colored

Stoic Poetry


I just crashed into the night sky
Watching the moon as it flew by

I just fell into the ocean deep
In buried secrets meant to keep

The storm between, knowing all
Yet I know nothing as I fall

The landing is harder that we face
As we are destined to this place

Stoic Poetry

The Greatest Lie Of All

A lifetime of building
Castles upon the sand
Never thinking about
Foundations on which we stand

Illusions of grandeur
We live our day to day
Striving further upwards
Thinking that here we will stay

Creation, born of destruction
As all things must surely fall
Yet we cling to what we know
Living with our back against the wall

Stoic Poetry


Can I Be?

Can I be the one I was meant to be
True of heart with the clarity to see
Can I stand for everything that’s good
Or will I fall as those who have stood

Can I be strong when weakness calls
Can I be wise when all around chaos falls
Will I choose what I will become
Or will I bend before my time is done

Can I be a light on the darkest night
Can I be everything I thought I might
Time will tell what may be true
But I will always be there for you

Stoic Poetry


Years have greyed the iris of his eyes
The light has been dimmed
Time has been a cruel friend

But life goes on no matter the cost
A lot given and built
Without regret, a battle to the end

So he walks, as tall as he can
A little stopped, a little bent
Passing time that was lent

Stoic Poetry

Soft Spot

I have one soft spot
One so vulnerable
It is hidden away
Keeping it invisible

It holds my very spark
My one and only key
But only one knows
Knows the creation in me

She tends the glow
And holds the light
Tending so gently
And keeping it bright

In the deepest dreams
She is the only one
Reflected by the moon
Until morning comes

Stoic Poetry

High Score

There are no losers
And there is no score
There are no medals
For those who have more

Everyone gets a ribbon
Because we are the same
For waking up every day
For playing this game

The dash for the finish line
Is really just a fools race
Trying to beat the rest
Better to set your own pace

Stoic Poetry

Narrow Spaces

Living within the lines
This narrow bound lane
Leaves no room to grow
No matter what they claim

Narrow spaces hurt the soul
But often we become blind
And never see the walls
Built to hold and bind

Step beyond the lines
Look to the other side
To the beauty beyond
Pushing against the tide

Stoic Poetry

In Twilight

There is wisdom here
An acceptance of sorts
Realizations unbidden
The settling of conflict

Nothing is left to fight
The point has been lost
It never mattered anyway
The joker, so full of tricks

So just rest quietly now
Your stay is almost done
Let another take up the flag
Showing the way up this hill

Stoic Poetry


Forever and ever
Are just three words
Once the walls are seen

At the very edges
At the boundaries
Where you have been

The gate has been locked
And there is no key
No waking from the dream

Searching among the leaves
Only debris to be found
So upon the gate we lean

Stoic Poetry