The faint tolling; rolling
A little clearer; nearer
In the veil; never to fail
Days will fall; to its call

Given grace; all must face
The final bell; time will tell
And so; we may never know
Where we go; beyond the flow

Stoic Poetry


If the world were to soon end,
Slowly the old blue drift down the west.
Hang with old groves and songs of a friend;
Tighter clouds their adamantine nest.

Lightning and midnight, with a royal train,
Resist the chords of beauty and night.
Rosy with light, in the hour detain,
Let the night alight, below the light.

Stoic Poetry



The freedom to live a happy life,
The future, becomes a glittering string.
Something in the world of one and all,
To be a knight and to be a king.

Now tone your beauty and your silence;
Part for each level of the singing hour,
Swifter I slew Death with last defiance.
Through my spirit, as a budding flower.

Stoic Poetry

Break Away

Never looking for a tomorrow
Day falls upon souls with sorrow

Smooth was my heart
With a bridge of blame
Dark was her life
With a sullen flame

They sat and then fled
From the crowded city
Skipping their feet
To the melody of pity

A song to me and the world of youth
Yet from their faces shines a living truth

Stoic Poetry

Marching On

The withered trees now down,
The moon split in disbelief.
And left us in this town,
Turning from this world in grief.

Looking at that road from afar,
Young then beside the brook.
The sound of a ghostly star,
On a day I clearly mistook.

Now we go, and there we are,
Stuck in this water of sand.
In dying towns and rusty cars,
Hear the clock take the last stand.

Stoic Poetry


The cries of a wounded soul,
Echoing through the night,
A melody of sadness,
That pierces through the fight.

A song of an endless aching,
A rhythm of despair,
A symphony of broken dreams,
That no one seems to care.

Notes of pain and sorrow,
Played by an anguished heart,
A tune of shattered hope,
That tears the soul apart.

But yet, amidst the darkness,
A glimmer of hope remains,
A promise of a brighter day,
That soothes the deepest pains.

Let the song of the wounded soul,
Be heard loud and clear,
For in the midst of the darkest night,
A new dawn will appear.

Stoic Poetry

Lesser Roads

We used to roam untravelled roads
Fueled by joy and boundless hope
Brother, one by one we are almost gone
Often it feels we are imitating life

This is a rewrite, figuring it out
Finding, fighting my way back to life
Stepping off the safety of the sidelines
There’s a faint flicker in your eyes

I cannot shut my eyes while you suffer
When the last of your light has been lost
Casting shadows lost in approaching dusk
In a sudden flash of light we go on forever

Stoic Poetry


Before you can find me deep in the ground
The only place I am sure to go
When the final truths must become unbound

Sometimes there are pleasures in the pain
That’s the reason we keep on hurting
Maybe there is an angel who is lying again

Wondering where it came from, that first line
Knowing exactly where it will go
Lives and songs sung, but always out of time

Stoic Poetry

Welcome To The Edge

This is where it all comes down
The pressure rises in my veins
Where everything is real
Where everything is beautiful

Would you say everything is alright
Would you trade this life?
A random roll to lock it in
Light or dark bleak or colored

Stoic Poetry