When I Was Young

I ruled the world,
Mine to do with as I pleased
Boundaries were laid
Seen as walls to climb

Pulling at the stones
I tore them down
They begged me to stop
Leaving the rubble behind

I piled them high
Building my own
Building empires
That no one else could find

Now I look out at
Those begging to enter
But the gates are closed
Protecting me from my kind

Stoic Poetry


Narrow Spaces

Living within the lines
This narrow bound lane
Leaves no room to grow
No matter what they claim

Narrow spaces hurt the soul
But often we become blind
And never see the walls
Built to hold and bind

Step beyond the lines
Look to the other side
To the beauty beyond
Pushing against the tide

Stoic Poetry

Who We Are

Stay the course, tow the line, stay on plan
Whose course, whose line, or plan?
Why are they throwing this in my face? 

Perpetuation of subjugation, decimation
Of our right to rise above subsistence
Let me be an individual, please let me live 

Who gave anyone the right to tell us what to think?
We did! Each and every one of us gave away that right
So embedded in the day to day, just trying to get by
We can no longer see who or where we are
We allowed this, you and I both
Work, relaxation, vacation, all only incentives 
Distracting you from seeing what we could be  

Stoic Poetry

Enter The Dream

Down the tunnel darkly 
to the old awaiting door
so dimly lit with dark mist
menacing shadows swirl

Turn the handle slowly
now the dice have been rolled
take your chances
but some may decide

Worlds await on the other side
there are no limits here
nothing is impossible at all
on the edges of the blue blue sky

Stoic Poetry