Speak to me, that I might understand
Why not try some forgiveness?
Take my hand, that I might finally see
Be my light into the darkness

Try to find, on common ground we stand
Not the distance between us
By my side, we can finally be
As life we can openly discuss

Illuminate the differences, try to see the other side
Don’t you be the darkness of common men
Together we are more than alone
More than we have ever been

Stoic Poetry


A Life

Invoke in me a sense of wonder
One last time before I leave
Rip this tempered soul asunder
Leave no stone unturned to grieve

In time our hearts grow hard and cold
Disappointment takes its toll
Dreams of grandeur fail and fold
No legacy will I bestow

A thousand faces I have seen,
Friends and foes that I have known
Lives full of hope and fervent dreams
Remembered now only in poems

Invoke in me a sense of wonder
Not despair and shattered dreams
One more time to rage in thunder
From the cliffs with valiant screams

Stoic Poetry