The Collective

As a collective there is more concern with the past than with the present or future
Trodden footprints give comfort

Mourning for the old days, so we keep repeating errors that should have been long buried, never to be  revived and relived.

We have always been at war
Amongst aberrant moments
Peace makes us nervous,
Happiest when we uncreate

The world will boil and crumble
Some will carry their signs
The words will keep repeating
With others lives upon the line

Stoic Poetry


Into The Wall

Only curtains remain to fall
Broken words make no sound
Falling as they kiss the ground
Living, backs against the wall

Senses now bow and break
When everything is falling down
Smiles that mask the frown
Through every turn we make

Stoic Poetry


I remember standing on a broken field
With crippled wings beating the sky
Facing dogs of war with their nature revealed
And our chances passing and failing

If I could let these memories heal
I would remember you with me on that field
When I thought that I fought this war alone
When I thought that I fought without a cause

Turn the page, I need to see something new
For now my fragile innocence is torn
I will not linger on this stunted view
Like so many rabid dogs of war

Stoic Poetry


Betrayed desires, all the same
But I’m not to blame
Even though I know, I suppose I’ll show
Now I’m naked, just an animal

And what do you want?
I want to change
And what have you got, are you insane?
And I know, I can show you,

Tell me I’m the only one
Tell me there’s no other one
I was an only son.

Stoic Poetry


In this maelstrom what can I do
But face the dark hood
When my time is due

Dark horseman at my back
Stay from me!
That I may face my attack 

Or shall I catch the winds tail
sailing on billowed clouds
Put you behind in this gale

On hallowed ground 
Where I may fight and defend
Turning and only the wind is found 

Stoic Poetry

The Lowly One

I am the lowly one
Lowest of the low 
Having very little
And needing even less

Holding to a greater good
All others come and go
Content in simplicity 
Trying my very best 

Am I the lowly one?
Maybe it is so
What I never had
I likely never guessed 

Stoic Poetry

Wound Tight

Wound tighter than a tin clockwork toy
key unable to turn in either direction
cheap Woolworth’s watch over wound
abused, twisted one too many times
suspended, neither gaining nor losing time. 

Silence, stored tension and waiting
for the final snap, everything released
unraveling in a single glorious explosive moment
something has got to give, and when it does
I will have a front row seat to the show.

Stoic Poetry

Inside Out

I don’t need it
I won’t take it
Preach to me
I refuse to hear it

Scream at me
In my face
Push me again
See what happens

Louder never works
Not on me you’ll find
Push me again
I question everything

Non violence
Does not predicate
Self defence
Be very careful

A lifetime of battles
I am a Stoic, always
Reasonable always
Talk to me or beware

Stoic Poetry

By The Rules

I am not quite there yet, someday I may be

A shining example, of what the world expects of me

Once in I while I am angry, sometimes detached

Often a little out of sync, but I feel there is a catch

Every time I try to change, to what you want me to be

The rules you play by seem to change, so for now I will remain me

Stoic Poetry


Speak to me, that I might understand
Why not try some forgiveness?
Take my hand, that I might finally see
Be my light into the darkness

Try to find, on common ground we stand
Not the distance between us
By my side, we can finally be
As life we can openly discuss

Illuminate the differences, try to see the other side
Don’t you be the darkness of common men
Together we are more than alone
More than we have ever been

Stoic Poetry