Near Dawn

When all around has turned to grey,
Past the sunrise to spend at play.
I but a little boy, and went my way,
Eyes of amber still enclosed in day.

Black secrets buried within my dream,
Into the glad day and the freckled night.
Beneath the sun in gold tinted beam,
Always the one who sought the light.

Stoic Poetry



Curtained rain washing yesterday’s dirt
The last barren snow laid to final rest
Swift as a dew from the window at night
Every star slipping across the wet canvas
Everything goes so small without the light

Stoic Poetry

The Cost

We bow before you
The frail and bruised
Full of painful truths
Some old, some new

Cast the shade
That leads our way
Back to the faults
In the beds we made

But the tale goes on
No price is the cost
For those who lost
And are now gone

Stoic Poetry


Darkness’ tendrils fall
Upon chiffons fading light
The twist of dreams
Into the deepening night

When sleep has failed
Within shadowed walls
Where memories creep
Darkness’ tendrils fall

Stoic Poetry

We Become

So many things to so many
Drape the coat, walk the walk
Lost as an actor, the role rules

Forgetting the hat I wear
Becoming what others see
But the reality remains
Beneath, on a peaceful plain

Stoic Poetry


There is no need to believe
Knowing how it’s supposed to be
It has never been easy, never will
Words written in abandon, let them roar

We have never understood what they say
We are the few that the few may remember
A thunder roar in the frailty we are
If we were toid do it again, would it be the same?

No one ever told us it would be easy
I can never extinguish the living in me
The walls fell long ago with nothing left to hide
No longer fighting, just rolling in on the tide

Stoic Poetry


When the stories are written
And the chapters are all done
I just never know where it ends
Or if the words are the right ones

This side of me has finally gone
So then why do I still strive
What am I so tightly holding on to
It’s killing me inside, keeping me alive

Stoic Poetry

But Then What?

Sometimes we need pain to understand
When everything comes crashing down
Waiting here a silhouette I stand corrected
Acceptance comes with a smile or a frown

Thinking it’s too soon to have it all
I start changing everything around me
Never quite knowing what I really want
Taking the hard road searching to be free

But please go on if it still feels good
I start changing with everythiing around me
Still the far off past scars my memory
While I am still too busy to clearly see

Stoic Poetry

The Song

I will write you a song, one you may never hear
Where I am there is no sound, no notes to be found
Maybe you will never see me, but I am always here
To those I know I will always hope that love abounds

Lost is always relative, and only a matter of degrees
Maybe we have our feet firmly planted on the ground
Navigating the paths that are laid out before us
Fogetting what lies inside is confused by outter sound

Stoic Poetry