Break Away

Never looking for a tomorrow
Day falls upon souls with sorrow

Smooth was my heart
With a bridge of blame
Dark was her life
With a sullen flame

They sat and then fled
From the crowded city
Skipping their feet
To the melody of pity

A song to me and the world of youth
Yet from their faces shines a living truth

Stoic Poetry



There’s a bitter surprise from my reflection
This broken mirror hides what is still inside
A million triggers and they’re ready to blow
There is a messed up reason for me to abide

There are far too many reasons for me to stay
The answers to questions are getting closer
Impossible to know which one I should follow
My damnations will never change the composer

Stoic Poetry

Missing Chances

We mourn the lives not  lived
We never developed our talents
Easy to wish we’d worked harder
Or maybe loved much better

It takes no effort to miss a friend
Those we didn’t make and lost
It is not difficult to see yourself
Through the eyes of others

It is easy to regret for so long
Until our time runs out
It is not lives unlived we regret
lt is the regret itself

A regret that makes us shrivel
Wither away and shrink
Like our own  worst enemy
Would any versions be better?

Lives happen, it is true
But you are happening as well
This one we have to focus on
For it is all that we have

Stoic Poetry

Welcome To The Edge

This is where it all comes down
The pressure rises in my veins
Where everything is real
Where everything is beautiful

Would you say everything is alright
Would you trade this life?
A random roll to lock it in
Light or dark bleak or colored

Stoic Poetry


Seeing the ‘samenees’
Reluctant to repeat
Maybe it’s just another day
But can it be lived
In a very different way?

Small changes in habits
Shaking up the routine
A breath of fresh air
Gives life to possibility
Others in a rut don’t care

One day of differences
Breaking chains, the mundane
A day unlike all others
Beginnings of something new
A day filled with wonders

Stoic Poetry

The Struggle

The “Look at Me” crowd rails,
Clicks equate to self worth,
Validation now means everything

Without substance, no value
Appearances of a perfect life
Their own praises they sing

In darkness words are written
Words that may be never read
Caring not the fame they bring

The writer pulls from his soul,
Sharing thoughts; his alone
They remain, lyrics no one can sing

Stoic Poetry  

True Eyes

Through mist; shadows walk
Clarity vanished long ago
Flickering screens; tired eyes
Seeing only what they allow

Truth has been discouraged
Eyes forward; silence is golden
Speak only when spoken to
The words they want to hear

True Eyes watch the madness
Actions without consciousness
Repeating all the words of old
Failure then will never work now

Stoic Poetry

Some Days

There are days when I take more than I can give
With all I have left, I try
When I fail they are there to pick me up
Always willing, by my side

What I have I will always freely share
I think the world has too little of that
Waiting till tomorrow is never a given
In a world that has too much of that

Stoic Poetry

Bad Ideas

Looking to the past
Where errors were made
Trying to adjust
What was said in those days

Indelible ink will not fade
Trying hard, trying to erase
But we never do change
The present we now face

To start anew is unthinkable
So we repeat our mistakes
Changing the smallest details
But little difference it makes

Stoic Poetry