So Ordinary

Leaves are fading
So ordinary
Another year is gone
Watching the hours
Watching the colors change
So ordinary

This place is all I know
So ordinary
Show me the magic
Beyond this day
Something to reach for
Not so ordinary

Stoic Poetry

Stand Alone

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
stand alone without a word
forces push from all around
yet stand so strong and proud

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
on your branches not a single bird
but you do not make a sound
as winter spreads her shroud

Lonely tree o’er in yonder field
your message I have heard
spring will come and sun abound
and again life shall sing aloud

Stoic Poetry



In the deep woods
Whispered voices speak
Of past summers
And joyous days
In sun dappled warmth

Chilled days stealing leaves
As Winter calls to fall
Grip the earth, still warm
With roots of ages past
Few will visit these barrens

So we will sleep in silence
Wrapped in snowy days
The quiet of winter comes
Now rest on hidden trails
Awaiting spring and the coming sun

Stoic Poetry


Time was ever time at all
You can never really leave
Without losing a piece of you
And our lives are forever changed

The more you change the less you feel
But you’re never stuck in vain
We’re not the same, ever again
And now you know you’re never sure

Stoic Poetry