Seeing the ‘samenees’
Reluctant to repeat
Maybe it’s just another day
But can it be lived
In a very different way?

Small changes in habits
Shaking up the routine
A breath of fresh air
Gives life to possibility
Others in a rut don’t care

One day of differences
Breaking chains, the mundane
A day unlike all others
Beginnings of something new
A day filled with wonders

Stoic Poetry


The Greatest Lie Of All

A lifetime of building
Castles upon the sand
Never thinking about
Foundations on which we stand

Illusions of grandeur
We live our day to day
Striving further upwards
Thinking that here we will stay

Creation, born of destruction
As all things must surely fall
Yet we cling to what we know
Living with our back against the wall

Stoic Poetry

Ocean Deep

Sink into the ocean deep
Senses are hard to keep
Caught in a hurricane
Sitting in the eye

Waiting between times walls
As all around me falls
Stepping into the storm

Tossed about as a rag doll
Some stand, many fall
Currents swirl
Knowing nothing at all

Stoic Poetry

First Snow

The first snow of winter falls
Beyond these frosted panes
Feather dust upon the grass
As no season is meant to last

Soon a blanket of winter down
Will spread its wings around
While spring slumbers below
Waiting beneath the fallen snow

Stoic Poetry


The flowers have all gone
Most of the leaves as well
But change is for the best
A new story nature will tell

The crunch underfoot
Still can make me smile
Along quiet forest trails
For mile after mile

Soon snowy blankets
Will cover the land
From hilltop to valley
Walking hand in hand

Stoic Poetry


We talk, and we talk
While nothing gets done
The steamroller of dreams
Flattening any that rise

No aberration, no ripples
Levelled and boring
Fitting a mold they made
No matter how hard we try

But we must always try
The very best that we can
Because I have to believe
There is a forgotten plan

Stoic Poetry

Parallel Worlds

Parallel Worlds

In one you are brilliant
But only a shadow here
In one you are perfect
Yet not even close here

One is your humanity
With nothing to fear
Here you have questions
Born of endless fear

One day you’ll return
To all you hold dear
But for now you stay
And do the best my dear

Stoic Poetry

Global Vision

If the leaders of this world
Know what is right and wrong
Then why do they still sing
The same old familiar song?

Ignoring the very people
Who raised them up high
Full of rhetoric and dreams
Then asking them all why

But I am a simple poet
What can I possibly know?
With a global world vision
With only words to show

Stoic Poetry


To walk along windswept shores
Ties curled in cool wet sand
Blustering clouds drift above
Knowing exactly where I stand

I can’t fix what’s meant to be
It only hurts when I breathe
Whispers tend to crucify my mind
Ocean waves help me to believe

Stoic Poetry


All of life is a transition
From nonexistence to birth
Birth to death
Then back to the earth

Nihilistic to belief
Myopic to awareness
We are never static
Judged in fairness
We are all alike

Stoic Poetry