To walk along windswept shores
Ties curled in cool wet sand
Blustering clouds drift above
Knowing exactly where I stand

I can’t fix what’s meant to be
It only hurts when I breathe
Whispers tend to crucify my mind
Ocean waves help me to believe

Stoic Poetry

Beyond The Boardwalk

Narrow slats of wood, ticking time
step by step, gap by gap
follow the rhythm, and the rhyme.

Inside the lines, its safer here
follow the rest, stay on the map
eyes straight ahead, the path is clear.

As if on rails, locked to this course
has free will abandoned me?
maybe it’s time to revisit the source.

Beyond the boardwalk, now I will tread
free of betrayal, beguiled as friends
along my own path I will travel instead.

Stoic Poetry